squirrels, you’re off my nice list: a new kind of home invasion

We used to have an affinity towards squirrels. We placed them on our Thanksgiving table. We thought they were cute on an office desk. We even decorated our nurseries with them. Sure they would occasionally ruin a flower bed in the garden, but hey, that’s their domain, isn’t it? But now, squirrels, you have gone too far. You are officially on my rats-with-tails list.

You see, the other day we came home to discover this: a hole in our kitchen screen window. No, make that two holes. It seems that a bulb of garlic was just soooooo tempting to one of our yard squirrels that he (or she), gnawed right through our window screen and dragged it outside. Since that wasn’t tasty enough, he returned and nibbled on an apple that was on our counter. A palette cleanser, perhaps?

The next day, we borrowed a no-hurt trap from a neighbor and placed it near the scene of the crime. It took about two seconds to catch squirrel A. We transported him to our nearby woods reservation, and then did a step-and-repeat with his little co-hort.

The screen has yet to be repaired.

Have you had any invasive encounters with squirrels in your home? Share your dramas here!

From our partners

Squirrels destroyed my tomato pots the first three years I lived in my current apartment before I gave up and quit trying to grow them. The next summer I heard scratching noises in my walls and wildlife management pulled FIFTEEN squirrels out of the attic. We were squirrel free for about a week before a new group moved in — my neighbor has bird feeder she refuses to give up. The squirrels have also ripped holes in my screens and have even tried to chew through the wood of my window frames. They’re definitely evil.

They enjoy eating the birdseed at our place and have a war with the dog.

Never been a fan nor do I ever plan on being a fan of those darn squirrels!

Mary S

A friend of mine had a great story where they kept finding weird things in the house like food bags in weird spots, but no mice evidence, and they were stumped. Then one morning he was getting ready for work later than usual and it was like a horror film: he looked in the mirror and saw that there on the bed behind him was a squirrel, kind of frozen at being caught coming out of the wall!

I did not know squirrels could be so brutal!

Wow! I’ve never heard of a squirrel doing this, I don’t blame you for putting them on your not nice list!

Can’t believe they came in the window and ate some food. Never seem them do that.


Not in the house, but certainly in the yard. They dig up all the potted plants and eat all my fruits. Currently trying to keep them at bay with a pellet gun. Doesn’t kill them, but it sure makes them think twice about my yard.


I had a window box with some herbs. A squirrel would dig around in it all the time, bold as brass, despite me shooing or my dog barking. One day my rosemary plant was gone. Months later, the squirrel brought it back- dead. Weirdest thing ever. I no longer keep a window box.

Can anyone tell me what squirrels are good for? I have no clue…

Squirrels are a lot smarter than I originally thought, I did one of those no-hurt traps caught our troublesome squirrel, moved him to a nice park, a week later he was back! We caught him again and took him a lot farther away this time.

What a coincidence. I had the same experience just a week ago. I’m thinking of replacing my screen with another material but I still don’t know what I want. What’s your plan with yours?

We had bald spots in our yard and every time I would try to plant grass on the spots, the squirrels would dig it up. They just wouldn’t leave it alone and it drove me nuts. I eventually put metal mesh wire over the spots to keep them out.