high or low: state pillows of our favorite vacationland

We’ve long been a fan of Catstudio‘s embroidered state pillows. They seize the distorted, dreamy memories that float in our heads of vacations gone-by. Handmade with delicate stitching, each one incorporates not only only the character of the state, but also the artisan who made it. It can take up to one week to embroider one pillow! Take for example this Maine pillow, that not only features the prerequisite blueberries and Moose, but also the L.L.Bean flagship store and Stephen King! At $158 a pop, these beauties are in family heirloom territory in both quality and price.

But for $15, what is not to love about this vintage retro state map pillow at Fabricadabra. There’s something decidedly Wes Anderson about it, with all its earnest fisherman, campers and hunters.

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I think they’re great. :-) I’ll have to look at Catstudio and see if they have one for my state.

they are both great! and they are easy for a diy project too!!