new online shop we love: provisions by food52

We’ve been addicted to the Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubb’s Food52 for a while now. It’s become our go-to food site whenever we want to find inspiration to make something that’s in season and instantly sharable. Now that team is turning their seasoned eyes and love of clean design to an online store called Provisions. In there you’ll find their favorite, tested and approved kitchen staples — and plenty of ideas. Rather than just selling products, they bundle things together in collections that will help you conquer any cooking skill you’ve been meaning to tackle. Since now is the time to start thinking about what to do with all that ripe, late summer fruit, we were drawn to the small batch jamming collection. From blue bell jars to the perfect stewing pot to homemade labels, Provisions will have you setting up your own farmer’s stand right on your porch, in no time.

Photos by James Ransom for Food52

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That first photo is fail-tastic. Jar gripper held upside down! Gripping a jar that is too tall to be sterilized in that pot with any other jars (maybe they did them one at a time? but then the jars can’t be processed in the same water so you need another pot heating up elsewhere). Not to mention the smart move of lifting the (cast iron?) pot full of boiling water and hot jars off the stove, rather than just picking the jars out one by one.

I won’t even get into the world of hurt you will be in if you eat jam made in an unlined copper pot, even if it is pretty.

I love that there are now all kinds of pretty things for canning in and labeling those cans, but photo stylists need to get a little more knowledge, perhaps. Canning is not so hard.