steal this idea: rainbow stairs from naturalist’s notebook

The other week we stumbled into the most amazing bookstore in Sheep’s Harbor, Maine — the Naturalist’s Notebook. In addition to having rooms and rooms filled with the most amazing science and nature books for all ages, it had this stop-in-your tracks rainbow staircase. The staircase is a unique space in any house. In ours, it’s off to the side, and is the launching pad between the social and the personal. I often think about doing something fun and experimental but have chickened out so far. Katie took the plunge and did this gorgeous blue ombre look a while back, and I’ve always loved the Novogratz‘s playful approach to those inclines (A slide? Why not.). This color-spectrum approach is more than I could bite off, but I do it admire it. So would Roy G. Biv.

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Love this! The colors will surely lighten up the day.

Just amazing! I like the way in which colors sprinkle with shades and attractive styles. This is one of the best kids bedroom decoration idea.

Wow… A child’s want ever.. This looks attractive….. Fantastic.

Being an artist of course I would love this. The color saturation is beautiful and as always I am also one of curiosity and would like to know what the information on the wall is aabout. I believe the reason why the whole thing works like it dose is because of this also. this is awesome….


Oh Totally would put this in my own stairwell. Love this!!

It makes me feel creative and happy, I love it