design swoon: introducing hush, a quiet and cozy nook

In our hyper busy lives there is a growing need for little moments of relaxation we can steal away in unexpected places. Since we all can’t work for Arianna Huffington and enjoy AOL’s sleep pods, we have to curl up and nod off where we can. London-based designer Freyja Sewell understands this desire, so she created Hush, a private space for a public world. It’s a portable room made of wool felt, and padded on the inside with pillows. It’s a privacy cave for those on the go, created to shield its occupant from sounds and light. Soon to be on display at Midcentury Modern fold this September as part of the London Design Festival. Selfishly, we’d like to request a few get installed at Newark International Airport, before hurricane season hit the east coast.

For here’s a peek at the creation of Hush.

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