post off: what kind of office chair do you use?

It’s a sad fact that most of my adult life will be spent in an office chair. I’m lucky that ones I have been provided have mostly been very ergonomically friendly, such as the Herman Miller classic Aeron. But as more and more articles arise about the dangers of a life spent sitting, I’m looking for alternatives. I don’t know if I’m ready to switch to a standing desk — and one of these peddle spinning contraptions is much too much. Perhaps the best alternative is a ball chair. I’ve given into the wonders of a bouncy ball before, specifically when our daughter Isadora was first born. We kept a large yoga ball in bedroom, and in the wee hours in the morning when she was awake and I was zombie-like, I would sit and hold her my arms and bounce, bounce, bounce. It did wonders for her mood, not to mention my thighs. Unfortunately most ball chairs are look like they belong in some kind of hideous man-cave straight out of the eighties. That’s why this fuzzy beauty from Pottery Barn Teen caught my eye. How fun is that? Underneath the shag is an inflatable exercise ball. Ergonomic and chic? I’m worried that I’ll be laughed out of the Time Life Building where I work (remember, it’s where Mad Men is set — very traditional.) For $129 I might just have to give it a try.

What do you think? Do you work in an office all day? What kind of chair do you sit on?

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I switched to a standing desk a couple of months ago and I adore it! Give yourself a week or two to get used to it and it will feel awesome. People weren’t meant to sit all day. (get yourself a yoga mat, one of those little stability disc things to stand on sometimes and a tall chair for when you have sore muscles or need to think, and you’re set!


My ergonomics department put me in a Steelcase “Leap” chair a few months ago. So far so good! But, according to the tech, the chair is only half the issue–your keyboard should be lower than most desktops–and he recommended a tray as well.

I’ve been using an ordinary swivel chair… for six years! Now it has taken its toll on me. I am currently looking for an office chair that is ergonomically and budget-friendly. :D

I was using a dining chair a few months back, when I just moved to a new apartment. My back hurt a lot, so obviously I won’t dare do it again. I now have an ergonomic swivel chair with adjustable arm rests, height and adjustable everything..


Your post made me laugh! So true. I totally dig the fuzzy white bouncy ball seat ma jigger. Go ahead knock them dead at the Time Life Bldg. You’ll be the Belle of the Ball!