pillow balls: yay or nay?

Terms of Endearment
sent us an email with the above photo asking if we are ready to “Say yes to ball pillows.” Ball pillows?! Who knew there was such a thing. These amazing little accessories are much more than meets the eye. They are stuffed with the same material you’d find in a life vest — which means they float! Created by designers Arden Wohl (pictured) and Andrew Yes, they may be the perfect thing to have on hand by your Palm Springs kidney-shaped pool. They’d look great with your vintage Pucci dress? But on your every day couch inside the house? We’re not so sure.

Available at AndrewYes.com for $450.

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Not for $450– although my planet obsessed toddler would go bananas over one of those. I will be sewing something similar in size to that tomorrow for him since today’s attempt was too tiny to be Saturn.

Well, they does not seem very comfortable. I’d rather stickto those fancy well-profiled pillows which adjust to you shape. No offense, but some so-called innovations are worthless.