roadtrip dreams inspired by: helene cornell’s refab vintage trailer

It’s no secret that we have a love for mini mobile homes. We often fantasize about packing it all in and having a grand road trip across this great country (and maybe our northern-ly neighbor’s as well) with little more than a car, some good music, and of course, a gorgeously designed camper trailer (a Cricket will do). Since that is not exactly possible, we love the idea of renting one, even if just for night or two, to get a feel for the roaming life. This is why our hearts instantly sang when we saw Helene Cornell, who is part of the American Express #PassionProject. Helene renovates vintage trailers and then turns them into groovy accommodations available by Helene has to adorable ‘canned hams’ from the late 50’s, and the third is a shiny aluminum twenty foot Airstream from the 70’s. All lovingly restored and are parked on her property in San Diego, CA.

Check out the Amex Video about Helene below. It might just inspired your own #passionproject.

From our partners
Diane Smith

hi Helene – a friend sent me the AmEx info on you because I just bought a 1967 Pathfinder camper to “glam” up. I spend hours just looking at pictures of remodeled campers and was wondering if you would share yours with me. I will be starting the remodel in the spring – I live in Chicago so the weather is not conducive to outdoor activities. I would be happy to share with you once I get started.

Thank you for the wonderful article! It is such an honor to be featured. You can book to stay with me on my site and my personal email is [email protected]. I hope that you will all enjoy the good life that awaits outdoors ! Thanks again! Helene xo