bookmarks we love (the old fashioned kind)

One of the best gifts you can give someone is a book. Whether it’s a brand new buzzed about tome or a first edition classic, books are the best way to tell someone “I get you and think you’re amazing.” We’ve just found a new must-have addition for any book gift — Sesame Letterpress’s brand new bookmarks. Each one is based on vintage designs of an odd assortment of objects you may find on a nightstand such as beer bottle, star gazing telescope, a bottle of perfume. We’re planning to buy a bunch to use as wrapper toppings and gift tags. Each is printed by hand, one by one, on an antique letterpress machine. $5 each at

P.S. We’re big fans of Sesame Letterpress. See more about their designs here.

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These are great! I’d use them as tags or pin them to a bulletin board.