new kitchen must-have? check out the nibble baking pan

I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait for a cake or sweet loaf to cool before I have a taste. I feel it’s a cook’s right to dive in and taste any freshly baked masterpiece. After all, how else would you know if you have a hit on your hands? The only problem is that cakes with nibbles taken out of them are not picture perfect. So how do you have sample without ruining the symmetry of your creation? Introducing the Nibble pan, yet another super clever invention available via Quirky. Thought up by Talia Wiener, the Nibble is a versatile 9 X 11 round pan that comes with a little silicone cup attached to it. Fill up the pan but save a dollop of batter for the cup, and when the cake is done, you can eat the mini-version without messing up the grand plan. My only question is whether or not the baking times would vary for the big versus little pan.

What do you think? Would you give the Nibble, $25 at, a try?

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