one for the wish list: the new diptyque electric diffuser

Few things are a more reliable pick-me-up than the smell of a Diptyque candle. Designer fragrances and eco-soy varieties may come and go, but catching a whiff of Diptyque’s classics Figuier, Baies or Fue de Bois (which perfectly creates a cozy fireplace smell where ever you need one) instantly makes a space far more enjoyable. Now the Parisian scent-house has unveiled a new tool to help our olfactory needs — this gorgeously designed electric diffuser. It steadily and discreetly releases one of five signature fragrances into the air, perfect for offices where burning candles may be unwelcome. We have yet to test one so don’t know how long it lasts. At $350, it’s most definitely a luxury that is on all of our holiday wish lists. Visit to order — and let us know here what you think!

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