could you live in a $25,000 micro home?

We often dream about packing it all in and heading to the hills or treetops to live in a small kit house. From our reseplace, we’ve found they usually require some serious dough in the end, and can end up costing as much as buying an already existing home and sprucing it up. Ian Kent hopes to change all that by introducing Nomad Micro Homes — small, DIY dwellings that only cost $25,000. While not exactly the kind place you could live in all year long (unless perhaps you were a desert dweller), the Micro homes could be great weekend getaways, guest houses or even artist or writer studios. According to the founder, if you can put together Ikea products, you can put together one of these houses in one week. (Though, if you’re like us, your Ikea skills are not so great.) With their minimalist lines and high ceilings, it’d be easy to imagine spending some quality time inside one of them. Visit Nomad Micro Homes for more information.

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This would be a good thing for a guest house or a weekend get away for sure, but I don’t think you could do much full time living in one unless you lived by yourself. Neat idea though.

I could live there, no problem. The Mrs. might not be thrilled with it though!

funny micro house, all must be well thinked to live in a little house like this, perhaps good for week-end in a beautiful site, good idea !

That seems like a cool home for a wildlife space but not in a community setting. But up in the woods or next to the beach it would be perfect.

I could very easily. I think my dog could as well. My wife, though, she’s a different story.

I like the idea for a single person or as a vacation home. Living in close quarters with ANYONE can be irritating at times or even all the time. I think the concept is great and would love to actually step foot inside one and take a mini tour (spin in a circle).

Incredible micro home.Loved it!! Ofcourse I could live there.