add to holiday wish list: see-through toaster

Even though I consider myself a pretty good cook, sometimes the simplest of tasks seem quarrelsome for me. Take for example, making toast — I either scorch it, don’t notice that it’s popped, or am so timid with temperature that it takes me several “pops” before reaching my desired golden brownness. I think I preferred the way we did back when I lived in England in the early ’90s — which is basically broiling the pieces of bread one side at a time. Oh the joys of one sided toast! Well, all those bad experiences could be toast if I had one of these beauties: A Magimix see-through toaster. Its viewing window lets you watch the toasting in action. Press the pop up button when your toast is just browned enough. (Of course you can make it pop of automatically if you like.). $200 at Williams-Sonoma.

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