want it now: a chic pink office chair

We have an anti-pink decorating policy in our home, even in our girl’s room. You’ll find vibrant orange, the palest purple, a splash of citron, but no pink. The feminine side of my decorating heart is seriously under served. To keep harmony with my husband I think it best I confine my girliness to my office, where I have a strong desire to Think Pink! This is especially true after spotting this beauty at ABChome.com. This curvy upholstered chair with its sexy chrome-legs is in just the right shade of frosty pink, the same color that spotted the runways of New York Fashion week last September. How could anyone disagree with you when sitting in a chair like this? The problem is that I would need two of them and they are pricey — $982 each. For now they will remain on my wish list, while I hunt for a throw pillow or two to spice up the bland company-provided Eames chairs. Drool along with me by visiting abchome.com.

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This is quite subtle and pretty! I think if pink is used carefully, it can be lovely. However, overdone is no fun… I just finished repainting one of my girls’ rooms… we had let her pick the color, a deep saturated pink we took to calling Insane Barbie Pink. Pale lavender makes for a nice change!