the ultimate artificial tree: a fabric one from ikea

There are many reasons why having a real tree can be inconvenient: The needles get stuck on your shag rug, your toddler likes to yank on the branches, it makes your cat barf — whatever your reason may be for skipping this holiday tradition, don’t worry, we won’t judge you. In fact, we found one at Ikea that may be the best artificial tree ever. It doesn’t take up much room, and when the season is done you can fold it into large envelope. The Liamaria Wall Hanging is a holiday tree on the spot, a two-dimensional wonder you that will make any space festive. We think it’d be a dandy cubical decoration for the office, or perhaps a movable divider in your tiny studio apartment. Oh, did we mention it GLOWS? Oh yeah, now all you need is a yule log dvd for your fireplace and you’re ready for some serious yuletide cheer. $13 at for a 59″ x 82″ curtain.

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That sounds so neat–especially the glow in the dark feature. :-) Sadly, IKEA is nowhere near my town and they refuse to ship here. Boo hoo.

The fabric on the picture is from last year and it’s called Margareta and do not glow in the dark, but the link is correct :) Merry X-mas.