post off: what christmas cookies are you making this year?

Can you believe we have only one weekend left until Christmas?! I am seriously missing the time we lost because Thanksgiving was so late this year. My weekend will be a cookie-making frenzy in an attempt to catch up before the big day, because it just isn’t the holidays without having certain cookies in the house.

One of my musts are pizzelles, which I make on my waffle press religiously each year in honor of my Great Aunt Jean, who could have started her own business based on the hundreds she made and gave away every year. I also will make a version of a Russian teacake from this Betty Crocker recipe — delicious butter balls covered in confection sugar.

Dark chocolate crinkles are another staple, and I have my eye on this recipe from Crunchy Creamy Sweet.

I am also craving pignoli cookies, like the ones I used to buy when I lived right in the heart of Little Italy, on Mulberry Street, in the 90s.

What are your holiday cookie staples? I’d love to know.

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Our cut-outs are a three day long process that is going to take up this weekend (I too am well behind). Any other cookies are usually fillers around the tray. I do buckeyes now (because of this site!) and oreo balls for balance. Pizzelles and butter balls (that’s what we call the teacakes). butterscotch chinese noodle cookies are a retro fave and dozenflours omg cookies might make an appearance if I can convince my mother that peanut butter blossoms will just grow from nature (or everyone else’s cookie trays).