first decorating to-do of the new year: a new bed for our girl


We have a long list of things we’d like to accomplish around the house this year: Finally replace that coffee table. Re-do the downstairs bathroom. But first and foremost is to give our girl — who is about to turn six and is most definitely no longer a toddler — a room she can grow into. It’s a bit of a challenge from the get-go, because between the radiators and windows of her small room, there isn’t a way to get anything larger than a twin bed in there. And forget about bunk beds (much to Isadora’s disappointment); the ceilings are too low for that. We think we have found our first step in the right direction — Oeuf’s Sparrow Bed. It has clean lines yet occupies a smaller footprint than most beds that come with a head and base board. We also like that it mixes birch with white and doesn’t scream “girly.” We opted for no trundle at the moment — we need the underbed space for storage, and ordered one from DesignPublic which has no delivery fee. It will take six to eight weeks to get here, so in the meantime we can start thinking about more important things like… wallpaper vs. paint? More soon!

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