toddler to little girl: a bedroom transformation in progress


As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the first home project of 2014 we are tackling is updating our girl’s room. She about to turn six years old and we want her to have furniture that she can grow into. That means it’s time to say good-bye to the Ikea platform bed and wall unit. They have served us well, but we’re tired of the cartoon-like rounded corners and colors, and all the junk that its many doors and drawers holds. We’ve already decided on the bed — streamlined Oeuf Sparrow bed which seems to be the only thing that will work in her small space. But now there are a few other choices to make.

1. Wall color? In her old room, we had two bright lime yellow walls, which were fun and made the Crayola like colors of everything else pop. Now we’re thinking of doing a neutral greyish-blue — perhaps this shade from Benjamin Moore. Our thinking is that it will match with a bright accent color – like fuschia, purple, yellow or orange — and that having a the whole room one color will make it feel bigger.

2. Wallpaper or stencil? I love the small rooms look when they have one wall papered in a delicate, small repeat. We’ve been getting in a ton of samples from sites like FermLiving and Graham & Brown but haven’t found one we love yet. We’ve heard that wallpaper doesn’t take wear and tear well, and we know it’s a pain to take down. Perhaps a stencil will be better? There are some on Etsy that would do the trick.

3. Matching desk and bureau? After her bed, the second most important thing Isadora needs is a good desk. I love the feel of open ones, but know that we’d be smart to get one with some storage. This one from Land of Nod is winning so far… but then the second question is: Should we get a dresser to match? The one we have now is a vintage Russel Wright from the 1960s. I love it, but the drawers are heavy and hard to open for a little person. Perhaps a white dresser would be more elegant?

4. Built in bookshelves? And the final major decision we need to make to for Isadora’s room is to figure out what to do with her books. The Billy bookcase we are currently using at the foot of the bed is about to fall apart, and ideally we’d have it elsewhere in the room. The problem is our house is old and floor slants quite a bit. Perhaps an Elfa system would be best? Though I really dig these bright ones from Room & Board.

After we make those choices, we can move onto the more for fun and less-forever stuff — like bedding, curtains and rug. Oh my! It makes my poor little Libran brain hurt with so many options to weigh.

Got any advice? Lets start with the wallpaper question. Help!

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