want it now: gizmine wooden humidifier


What are we going to do? The damn groundhog saw his shadow last weekend and it most definitely feels like winter has not yet finished. In addition to leaving our fleece-lined boots out, we’re also slathering on moisturizers and leaving our humidifiers running in an effort to combat the season’s chronic dryness. All humidifiers have their faults — we have yet to find one that doesn’t get gunky and need a vinegar bath every few weeks. This wooden one from Gizmine has most definitely peaked our curiosity. With no plugs or batteries, it simply houses water in its base. Made entirely of cypress wood, it gathers moisture in its sail-like curved top and diffuses it into the room. Supposedly, it smells nice too. For something so simple, it is pricey ($150 at gizmine.com) but since it doubles as a zen sculpture, perhaps worth it?

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I am soooo glad you post this- I received this as a gift the Christmas before last, but I had no idea what it was, and it contained no instructions, so it’s been in the cabinet since then. But thanks to you it is now full of water and by the bedside. Hope it works!