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We’re long believers in giving photo-based gifts as presents. If you are close to our family, chances are you have a mug, calendar, or a framed photo treasure from us in your home somewhere. This is what happens when one half of you is a pro photographer and the other is design obsessed. We’ve discovered a new site/app that combines both of those loves in one place. It’s called, and it makes turning your Instagram photos into adorable books, calendars or even T-shirts a breeze. To use, you have to connect with your Instagram account. If you are worried about privacy, you could always post the images you want prints of for just a couple of days — long enough for the order to processed — and then delete. It’d be a great way to promote a small business or document a special trip.


I made a mini book (2 for $12) that contained 50 from 2013, as a sort of pocket-sized yearbook.


In addition to printing images, also sells gorgeous ways to display your images, like their Santa Cruz rescued wood frames ($18) and concrete blocks ($29) that house both your images and your cactus! Checkout today you’ll thank us before Mother’s Day rolls around. Promise.

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