would you makeover a kitchen designed by jcrew’s jenna lyons?


In our dusty pile of beloved magazines from years gone by is a collection of Domino magazines. And the most dog-eared issue among them is the one that featured Jenna Lyons, now JCrew president and style icon to many, and her Brooklyn townhouse on the cover. The interior was sleek yet cozy, featuring dark slate walls, smooth marble surfaces, fuzzy tufts of lambskin and pops of bright yellow. Fast forward a decade or so and The New York Times home section has done a feature on the new fortunate owners of the property, Tracy Martin and her husband, Vince Clark (a founding member of Depeche Mode – cue ’80s teen swoon!). The space has been redone by designers Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, who are known for their Steam-punk-ish interiors. Gone is the slickness and its place is a punky-romantic vibe, that embraces nature (both living and dead) and the sensual (lots of leather and grainy wood). The space is still the stuff that real-estate fantasies are made of, but one interesting change is the new kitchen. As much as we love Lyons’ aesthetic, open shelving in a kitchen is not the least bit practical. Martin has now equipped the garden-side cooking nook with rich cabinets and schoolhouse lighting.


One space, two radically different kitchens: Which do you prefer?

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