want it now: crosley av room portable turnable

crowleyflowerDo you still have your record collection?

As much as we love our digital music library, we worry about its future. What will become of our beloved musical memories once the glaciers melt, sea levels rise and plugging in our Nanos is no longer possible? We’ve long made a habit of making prints of our most cherished digital images, and now it seems that good old vinyl is making a comeback. True, the record company may no longer be making the grooved disks, but for dedicated thrifters (and children of the 70s and 80s) the collections live on. This bright and cheery portable number from Crosley is adorable enough to strike a chord in heart. We love that it is pretty enough to leave out but small enough to move from room to room. If your home is lacking in turntables, perhaps this one will tide you over and keep you dancing in the dark. At Urban Outfitters, $160.

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