#totallyrad: we’re loving the zio ziegler collection for pbteen


We love it when some of our favorite decorating sources introduce us to artists and the process behind their work (Paola Novone, for example). When we saw the new Zio Ziegler collection at PBTeen we immediately took notice. Zeigler is a graffiti-inspired San Francisco painter, whose amazingly intricate doodles swirl and fill large canvases to create punky, tribal patterns of snakes, skulls, masks and such. His collaboration with PBTeen includes bedding, backpacks and a few accessories, and honestly, you don’t have to be under 20 to appreciate it. Who wouldn’t want to tote around a backpack that looked like this? One item we think is totally Father’s Day gift-worthy are these aluminum skull bookends, $79.


Check out the collection at PBTeen or watch the video below to see Ziegler at work.

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