feeling groovy: ikea brings back a limited edition, retro series


We got a press announcement yesterday that stopped us in our tracks. Ikea is reissuing some of its classic designs from the 50s and 60s in a new collection celebrating its 70th anniversary. The ÅRGÅNG is the sort of pieces that makes modernists swoon: Clean lines, bright colors, butterfly chairs, sturdy tables on skinny legs. Some if it will look familiar to you, like the Strandmon chair with its curvy wings (originally issued in 1951 under the James Bond-ish name, MK). If you don’t need to kit out a whole living room, consider the Gardskar pendant or perhaps a set of Matedel plates which would be lovely on your mod holiday table. The ÅRGÅNG collection is only available in select stores, for a limited time only — so clear your weekend schedule and hit up your local Ikea for a gander.

See more about the ÅRGÅNG collection on Gizmodo.

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