will this duvet change the way you make your bed?


The change in seasons always calls for a swap in bedding, to freshen things up and give the illusion of redecorating. We’ve been looking for a new duvet cover to go with our palest-of-lavender walls and black-and-white dot upholstered headboard. Yesterday, I spotted some pretty offerings at Crane and Canopy, but then then I realized that this was so much more than just a sharp looking duvet. They’ve created a new way to make your bed, by rethinking the duvet cover. As you can see from the video below, the company’s new Nova collection doesn’t have buttons or snaps at one end, like you’re probably used to. There’s no need for that top sheet, because the duvet gives the appearance of a perfectly folded down layer. The top of the cover has an accent fabric, and a hidden zipper. Of course once you pick your duvet, you can’t change the accent color or mix up the look much. But it would give you one less thing to think about? Watch below and let me know what you think. Cool innovation, or unnecessary gadget?

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Kate F

Seems silly to me–we just skip the top sheet anyway, and use only the duvet, Euro-style. That’s why duvet covers are removable, after all, so you can just wash it when you wash your sheets!