real life test kitchen: a green smoothie that tastes good


When it comes to smoothies, I like the ones that remind me of milk shakes: preferably ones that have some peanut butter, banana, and perhaps some chocolate, tossed in. I’ve never been a fan of make-at-home green smoothies, mostly because the ingredients aren’t things I have handy. Enter this delicious whipped number I discovered at Bon Appetit. It’s a kale-banana-peanut-butter smoothie, and it couldn’t be more delicious or good-for-me. You simply mix almond milk, a banana, two tablespoon’s of peanut butter, a cup of chopped kale, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a few ice cubes in the blender. Voila, a yummy breakfast that will power me until 1pm, no problem. I do suggest brushing your teeth immediately afterwards, however. Those pesky little pieces of kale can be quite persistent! Click here for the full recipe at

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