new obsession: trader joe’s bottled cold brew coffee



I have a new addiction and it’s a costly one. Cold brew coffee. I’ve been ordering it from Starbucks and to our local coffee shop in town, The Able Baker, begrudgingly shelling out $3.50 to $4 per serving because it just tasted so much better than melted-ice-cubed-watered down dripped coffee. Ever industrious, Chad decided to make some for ourselves at home. Suddenly we realized why cold brew was so expensive! To make a gallon jug of it for ourselves, we had to use nearly half a can of ground coffee beans. And we had to plan and be patient: The brewing needed to be done overnight. Then I discovered Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Concentrate, in a bottle. Each one makes 12 cups of coffee for $8. To make it, the ratio is 1/3 coffee to 2/3rds water. Simply pour the concentrate over ice, filling a glass about a third of the way. Add 2/3 water, or less if you like to add a lot of milk like I do. While technically it still is a little cheaper to make it yourself, the results from the bottle are so are damn tasty and fast, it is helping me get my summertime caffeine fix without going broke at the coffee shop.

Have you tried cold brew coffee? Let me know what you think.

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I do cold brew in my French press, same proportions as regular coffee; leave it overnight in the refrigerator and press it in the morning. I also make coffee ice cubes, so there’s no dilution. This way I get two or three servings of iced coffee from one batch. (Haven’t figured out the cost.)