our best 4th of july recipes for a spectacular weekend

It’s hard to believe the 4th of July is already upon us! Here’s a few of our favorite, no-fuss, serves-a-crowd recipes to get you out of the kitchen and enjoying yourself.

1. Easy berry crumble.



2. Roast chicken on the grill. Spatchcocking! Make it your friend.



3. Green pea hummus dip. So easy, so tasty!



4. Pizza with fresh tomatoes and corn pesto. Summer on a plate.


5. Strawberry and pea shoot salad.


6. Cinnamon and cardamon oatmeal cookie, ice-cream sandwiches.



What are you cooking over the 4th? Tell us about your favorite recipes!

From our partners

Hey Angela! Thank you for sharing the mouth – watering list of recipes. This almost reminded me of Tasty – an initiative that essentially uploads brief videos of how to make the most out – of – the – box meals. While, sticking to traditional is surely the best way to spend one’s time through 4th of July, there are various meals that still haven’t been touched upon. You should take a look at them! They are short and sweet. Although, thank you for sharing these!

It’s hard for me to pick one, but I guess that I shoud remain loyal to my passions when it comes to food. So, let’s say “yes” to the strawberry & pea shot salad. It’s a must for me, so i’ll keep you posted with my review.