help! what color should we paint our front door?


For those of you who have been following the renovation of our upstate cottage, you know that we chose a paint color for our little place on the Hudson a long time ago. We went with a dark, greyish blue called Evening Dove by Benjamin Moore. Though we love it, it turned out to be a little more blue than we had anticipated, especially in the bright sunlight in the middle of day. Originally, we had it all figured out in our minds. The house would be dark-grey blue and we’d paint the door a cherry tomato. But now that we’ve fast forwarded six months into the future and have been living with our Evening Dove house, cherry tomato may be a bit much. Our house would end up looking like it was constantly stuck in the 4th-of-July mode. So that leaves us with a conundrum — what color should we paint the door!? Perhaps you can help us decide.

As you can see from the above the picture, we’re still considering a red, but we’re leaning towards a darker red. The one on the far right is called Morocco Red from Behr. But we asked some visiting friends their opinion, and they suggested we consider an orange. We tested two colors, also from Behr. The top light color is Tiki Torch. The darker orange is Bergamot orange.

This photo was taken a little later in the day, so you can see how the light effects the color.

Which color gets your vote? Or is there one we are not considering that we should Tell us in the comments below!

Moroccan Red?

Tiki Torch

Bergamot Orange

From our partners


Jennifer S

I like Bergamot orange. Love the light fixture and house numbers too!


Bergamot Orange.


Tiki Torch


Bergamot orange. I

Marsha Riti

If you look at the contrast the Bergamont and especially Tiki Torch are superior choices. The darkest red is too close in toneal value to the blue. If you’re set on red I’d go with a lighter red.


Tiki Torch

Tiki Torch Orange seems like a great choice; its bright and cheery, and is a great contrast from the dark grey-blue! If you can find a brighter red that might go along well too!

I like the Tiki Torch myself, but the Bergamot could work also.


Tiki Torch. The Bergamot Orange is the same intensity as the house color. Tiki Torch is a little lighter and provides more contrast. Also, it’s easier to start lighter and go darker than the other way around.


Hey Girl, I think you should go with a mellower yellow. I don’t like the orange, it’s too loud for me. The red would be my second choice.


Bergamot Orange for sure!


I like Tiki Torch best, then Bergamot Orange. Agreed with Marsha about the red.

I choose Tiki Torch.

Bergamot Orange will be better

Angela M.

Oh my gosh guys, we can’t decide! We are going back to the drawing room and testing a brighter red and a teal blue. We may make a snap decision. Stay tuned!

Bergamot Orange! No. Tiki Torch