and the winning door color is….


A few weeks ago we asked you to help us decide a color to paint our door. The results were pretty divided, with Bergamont Orange in the slight lead to a more traditional red and a bright yellow-orange. We were torn. So we took a step back and looked deep into our hearts and tried a few more samples, including a punchy orange-red called Top Tomato. As soon as we saw it on our door we knew it was the one. In our mind’s eye, we always imagined a “tomato red” door, but were worried it’d look too Fourth-of-July-ish all the time. We got over the fear and went for it. We love the results, though it certainly is bright! Hope you do, too. Thanks for all the amazing feedback; it pushed to look more and follow our guts. You guys rock.

See more info on our ongoing cottage renovation here.

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