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real life test kitchen: broccoli romanesco with maitake mushrooms and chicken


Simple is best, apparently. We were more than happy to take the advice of Mike Osborn at Sosio’s Produce, where we bought our broccoli romanesco, and cook it up simply as follows. We did add maitake mushrooms (my husband’s favorite) and sliced chicken breast, but this would be an easy recipe to take veg — in fact, maitakes are also known as “hen of the woods” for their flavor. The real star was, of course, the broccoli romanesco, which turned out perfectly tender, with a sort of hybrid cauliflower/broccoli taste, only sweeter, and with the best textures of both. A note that if you plan to make the veggies the main dish, I recommend doubling the recipe — this was so tasty, we could have eaten double the veggies even as part of a larger meal. — Mary T. Click for the broccoli romanesco recipe! (more…)

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broccoli romanesco: the green vegetable that blew my mind

I’m always excited about the ridiculous abundance of fruits and vegetables at Pike Place Market, but rarely am I stopped in my tracks by what I see. But that was the case when I saw my first broccoli romanesco this weekend at Sosio’s Produce & Fruit (definitely our favorite stand in the market) where Mike Osborn offered us a taste and acknowledged that, yes, broccoli romanesco forms “a perfect fractal.”

He also told us an amusing story about how he gave the seeds to a produce supplier, who later toured Mike through his farm, lamenting that the plants, which he pointed out in the sunshine, weren’t getting very big. Then they turned a corner, where it was discovered that broccoli romanesco apparently really, really like a little shade — there was a patch of them under a tree, each “as big as a medicine ball.” For the record, raw broccoli romanesco feels like a cross between broccoli and cauliflower, but with more sweetness than both. We’re going to cook some up tonight, and I’ll report on our success. — Mary T.

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real life test kitchen: 10 minute capellini romanesco


Last summer, Mary wrote about romanesco (or broccoli romanesco), and it got everyone buzzing. Well, it’s in season again ! Hooray! Time to bust out the anchovies (yes, anchovies) and get the pasta water boiling! This dish is something I make year-round that I call “peasant pasta”, with the basic framework always the same (garlic + bacon + anchovy + chile flake + lemon): I just change up the veggies seasonally. In fall, I’ll throw in quartered brussels sprouts. In winter, ribbons of dark green kale. But my favorite version, that comes in summer — when it’s romanesco season. It’s cruciferous sweetness and firm texture lend a satisfying bite when mingled with the delicate capellini. The sauce is impossibly simple, and comes together in as long as it takes to get a pot of water boiling. And it has anchovies. And anchovies make everything taste like magic. Trust me on this. If you’re scared, use just one fillet. But if you’re like me, you’ll toss in the whole can. — Megan B. Click for Capellini Romanesco! (more…)

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my first raised vegetable garden: maybe I overdid it…


There were so many alternate headlines I could have used here: Lettuce — rejoice and be glad! Lettuce eat! Lettuce entertain you! The point is, I’ve learned something already about vegetable gardening: just because you really like a certain vegetable, doesn’t mean you have to plant every last start.

I wanted to start small (ha) so I started just two kinds of lettuce indoors: arugula, which is my favorite, and Batavian Full Heart endive, just because I got the seeds free from a friend. I used Root Riot seed starter cubes and just kept them warm and watered and lit by a standard flourescent tube light. I was so excited at how well the lettuce took off, you could say I went a little overboard with my planting. I didn’t choose only the hardiest looking starts, no sir. I was so itching to put something in those beds, I planted ALL of them.

This, as you may imagine, is not advised. The photo above is of one day’s harvest, and I had at least eight times that much all told. It turns out arugula is a super-fast grower. Ooops. From mid-May on, we have been eating a lot of salads, to be sure, but I also became the local neighborhood lettuce pusher. Stopping by to say hi? Don’t leave without a bag of leaves! Oh, you garden? Let me pull up this entire plant to give you — no wait, how about four?

After a few weeks of this, I pulled out more than half the lettuce to make room for some other plants. Nothing else is ready for harvest yet, but I am experimenting with several varieties of tomato (they have flowers, yay), some scarlet runner beans, broccoli romanesco (why not), and even a couple ears of corn. But I have planted a very, very reasonable amount of two to four each.

P.S. Here’s a photo of our raised beds with the lettuce in mid-grow. The beds are built against a retaining wall in a little-used, oddly shaped lower section of yard. We’re using branches from a neighbor’s fallen tree as plant supports.



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five things we learned last week


1) Cake stencils aren’t easy for everyone. Pencils says: “Am I the only one who can frost a cake but is terrible at cake stencils? Is there some kind of trick to it I’m missing? I lift the thing and it’s a big smudgy mess. Do I use too much sugar?” If you have any advice for Pencils, please share it here.

2) Megan’s not the only one who wants that CB2 bedding. Kelly says: “Ahhhhhhhhhh! I have been looking at this duvet EVERY day online. I am so tempted to buy it!” While Danielle says: “This bedding is incredible, it is making me want to redecorate my bedroom….” See it here.

3) Simple black and white has fans, too. Better than naked says: “what amazing shots! The texture really comes thru. nice picks!” about Sarah L’s recent Etsy purchases. We like them, too.

4) You’re ready for a redesigned boarding pass. Ellobie says: “Tyler’s making a very valid point! Even if airlines used a grayscale theme to save on printing costs, this boarding pass seems much better all around!” See Tyler Thompson’s boarding pass redesign.

5) Broccoli romanesco wows you, too. Perhaps Ellobie says it best: “Whoa!” Angela M. also weighs in: “OMG. that would be an amazing centerpiece!” Broccoli romanesco tastes good, too. (If you want more cooking ideas, also check out what Megan and HollowSquirrel say in comments.)

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