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stepping into spring with chilewich’s new dot rugs


What is it about circle rugs that are so appealing? I’ve been a fan of them since my early renter days. Currently we have a pretty genius Ikea hack in our upstairs landing, featuring one rug made up of lots of dots. Chilewich’s new indoor-outdoor dot rugs have just the kind of playful whimsy we’ve been looking for. They come in bright, popping colors of the season that is almost here (melt snow, melt!). I think they’d be groovy in place of a runner in a long hall, or in a kitchen where orange, citron and green are always welcome. About $100/each at Armara.

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what every stylish round table needs: bright oval place mats from chilewich’s spring collection

We love our round dining room table. It’s warm and friendly and lends itself to easy conversation. One thing dilemma it causes us though: what kind of placemat to use. Square ones just don’t work — they leave too much space and look sloppy. Circles are better, but not perfect. In the past, we’ve customized placemats ourselves cutting out odd shapes that fit exactly. Now we have found the perfect solution: Chilewich’s oval placements, bright egg-shaped backdrops for your dishes. And, they’re new spring colors are especially vibrant. It’s nice to see one of our favorite brands pushing away from their safety zone of neutrals. Don’t these turquoise ones look gorgeous against the bright orange Eames chair? Perfect for the modern chic dining room –with every day ease and cleanup! For more info and to see other colors, visit

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steal this idea: chilewich’s genius chargers


With the holidays coming up, I’ve been debating all of the various ways I could dress my Thanksgiving table. I always dream of being the kind of girl that uses chargers – they have this way of making a table setting look instantly glamorous and elegant, no matter how ordinary your dinnerware. But really, who has storage space for a set of plates that aren’t really plates, that you use only once or twice a year? Moreover, who has energy to hand wash one more round of dishes at the end of the night?

Leave it to the geniuses at Chilewich to come up with the solution. Their Dahlia placemats look absolutely amazing under even the simplest white dishes. The metallic tone is the perfect touch of glam for a holiday table. And the best part about these beautiful mats? They’re plastic – so they can be wiped off, rolled up, and stashed in the tiniest corner of your kitchen cupboard until next year. Though really, they’re so pretty and polished, I have a feeling I’ll be using these year-round…which is definitely more than I could say for those chargers. Plus, at only $8 each, they won’t break the bank.

I’ll be using them to top a classic white linen tablecloth and set off my white dinnerware from West Elm – with a beautiful red apple on everyone’s plate (these gorgeous candles from DL & Company would double as excellent favors/gifts for your guests, if you’re so inclined) and a few mercury glass candlesticks, this year’s Thanksgiving table will be stunning, with hardly an ounce of effort on my part. –Becki S.

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loving the new pressed vinyl collection from chilewich

chilewichI’ve been infatuated for quite a few years with the woven and spun vinyl rugs, runner, and placemats made by Chilewich. They’re not only beautifully designed, but highly durable and functional. The only caveat was the prices that some of these woven vinyl placemats and runners were going for. Well, they’ve developed a new pressed vinyl technique — one which, according to them, reinterprets “an outdated manufacturing process that is fast becoming a completely new design language…the pressed vinyl designs are about half the price of the woven designs.” Something we can all get happy about! Find all the pressed vinyl placemats ($7-8) and runners ($28-35) at Burke Decor. –Megan B.

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everything we’ve ever written about thanksgiving


This is the week! The week where we celebrate our favorite culinary holiday, Thanksgiving. We love it so much we celebrate it twice! First, we go to a dear friend’s house on Thursday. This year our plan is to contribute a dessert and a salad. We know the host will have a pumpkin pie handy, so we’re adding a something non traditional to the mix this year. I’m going to attempt to make Crack Pie, made famous by Momofuku Milk Bar. More soon on how that goes. Then, on Saturday we will have our own mini Thanksgiving, because we cannot survive a winter without turkey soup, and turkey soup cannot be made without roasted remains. Though we usually opt for a simple, dry brine, this year we’re going to do something new. We are going to spatchcock our turkey — which means to remove its backbone and splay it out flatly in the pan. We’ve had great success doing this with whole chickens, so I have confidence this will be great. It’s fast (45 minutes!) and the skin is super crispy.

Now you know our plans for this week, here’s a handy link list of learnings from year’s past. Good luck with your feasts this year. Tell us what you’re cooking up!

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