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feeling groovy: ikea brings back a limited edition, retro series


We got a press announcement yesterday that stopped us in our tracks. Ikea is reissuing some of its classic designs from the 50s and 60s in a new collection celebrating its 70th anniversary. The ÅRGÅNG is the sort of pieces that makes modernists swoon: Clean lines, bright colors, butterfly chairs, sturdy tables on skinny legs. Some if it will look familiar to you, like the Strandmon chair with its curvy wings (originally issued in 1951 under the James Bond-ish name, MK). If you don’t need to kit out a whole living room, consider the Gardskar pendant or perhaps a set of Matedel plates which would be lovely on your mod holiday table. The ÅRGÅNG collection is only available in select stores, for a limited time only — so clear your weekend schedule and hit up your local Ikea for a gander.

See more about the ÅRGÅNG collection on Gizmodo.

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check out ikea’s gorgeous new $20 lamp, kvartar


Coming to Ikea stores in February is this lovely little artichoke of lamp, KVARTÄR, a pendant lamp that mixes a Scandinavian vibe with a dose of femininity. It’s made of flexible plastic and for only $20, would nicely illuminate any nook or dining area, no matter your price point. Add “visit Ikea” to your February to-do list to nab a Kvartar.

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the ultimate artificial tree: a fabric one from ikea

There are many reasons why having a real tree can be inconvenient: The needles get stuck on your shag rug, your toddler likes to yank on the branches, it makes your cat barf — whatever your reason may be for skipping this holiday tradition, don’t worry, we won’t judge you. In fact, we found one at Ikea that may be the best artificial tree ever. It doesn’t take up much room, and when the season is done you can fold it into large envelope. The Liamaria Wall Hanging is a holiday tree on the spot, a two-dimensional wonder you that will make any space festive. We think it’d be a dandy cubical decoration for the office, or perhaps a movable divider in your tiny studio apartment. Oh, did we mention it GLOWS? Oh yeah, now all you need is a yule log dvd for your fireplace and you’re ready for some serious yuletide cheer. $13 at for a 59″ x 82″ curtain.

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start ’em young: adorable mini ikea doll furniture

As if the bouncy ball room and pervasive smell of cinnamon buns weren’t enough to please its young customers, Ikea has introduced yet another way to seduce the junior set. We spotted this Ikea doll furniture and house in the store the other day and instantly fell in love. The doll furniture set comes with a bright pink Klippan sofa, a green Lack table, a yellow lounger and a black and white rug. Who needs wooden doll house furniture? This stuff explodes with color. Since we firmly believe in instilling the art room arrangement into our young ones, we think this set would be a fine present for a little tyke. Better yet, pick this up and mix and match with others. Wonder if they’d fit in a Lundy house? See Ikea’s site to view the doll house furniture set, $13, and the playhouse, $8. They’re all Swedish, after all! Meatballs not included.

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help! we need to replace our ikea coffee table with something more grownup

After three year’s in our house, we have are slowly replacing our Ikea furniture with more permanent pieces. The one at the center of our home — and indeed, the center of our lives it seems — is our Strind coffee table. It serves us well, offsetting a dark brown leather couch with its round white surfaces and delicate metal legs. We love the bottom shelf for stacking our current selection of magazines and children’s books (both of which seems to pile up effortlessly). The wheels make it easy to push aside when it’s time for one Isadora’s gymnastic demonstrations or we just want to kick our feet up with ease. But, it is getting wobbly.

To keep the balance in the room, we’d like to stick with white and round. We’ve found a few options. Which one do you like?

The Sybil table reminds me of the 70s rec rooms from my youth. It’s pretty groovy, but maybe too heavy? As a bonus, the top level swivels for optimal drink poising. $550 at

A high gloss and metal table is the most elegant of the bunch. $565 at

Classic modern may be the way to go. The white version of the design stable seems sensible. $313 at

What do you think? Any suggestions I should consider?

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