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we’re feeling social thanks to jcrew’s new invitations at paperless post


Sometimes all you need you need to feel like spontaneously hosting a party is a little design inspiration. A new cocktail recipe, deck furniture… or maybe an invitation that is so delightful you can’t help but send it out. That’s the urge we get after seeing JCrew’s witty collection of invitations and cards that “don’t take themselves too seriously” at Paperless Post. Whether it’s a birthday party serving up lots of “cake cake cake cake” or a makeshift pool party or a girl’s night out, you’ll find a card that brings out the chic hostess in you. Hopefully a line of JCrew designed table top items is not far behind (hint, hint,). Visit Paperless Post to see the whole collection, available in digital or print editions.

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30 days of halloween: john derian e-vitations on paperless post

If you’re just getting around to planning a party on Halloween, don’t fret. You can send one of these gorgeous e-vitations by John Derian on Paperless Post. With a beautiful turn-of-the-century vibe, they feature antique inspired drawings of skeletons, owls, bats, vultures, ravens and other creatures that look like they stepped right out of a Poe short story. Because these are so lush — complete with envelope, themed liner and personalized invitation — they are not free. At about .50 cents an invite, they are worth it to make an impact. Plus, Paperless Post makes it easy to keep track of who’s coming and who’s not. The only pressure is to create a party that’s spooky cool as your invite!

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new reason to celebrate: john derian at paperless post

We blame John Derian for many of our design obsessions: antlers, vintage wooden mirrors, butterflies under class, and of course, decoupage. So you can imagine our excitement when we learned that our favorite natural nature collector was bringing his signature look to our go-to online invitation source, Sprouting with sea shells, butterflies, whales, toads and other delightful creatures, Derian’s digital cards are just the excuse we need to cook up some summer soirees. Check them out here.

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chic online invitations? we tried it!


With the holidays performing their patented surprise attack once again this year, I again find myself (predictably) balancing big ambition and little time. In the interest of realistic planning, this means I had to make a choice: take the time to snail mail invitations to our holiday soiree or holiday cards, but not both. We’ve long been psyched about’s online invitation service so I decided to do some reseplace to that end and was delighted to find Paperless Post. Another alternative to an everyday Evite, Paperless Post allows users to send fully customizable cards and event invitations to everyone on their list for a small fee. The site also offers a handy R.S.V.P. service that allows you to save an address book, keep track of your guest lists and send notes and reminders to invitees. Two standout features include the ability to have the envelopes addressed to each person individually, as opposed to a generic “open your invite” message and the option to assign a number of guest R.S.V.Ps to each piece, allowing the system to tally your count correctly without sending an invite to each individual person. Stamps start at $5 for 30, while custom coins (which allow you to select special customizations like envelope liners and logos) start at $5 for 25. As an added bonus, we earned 25 stamps just for registering, and have the potential to gain an additional 10 for each friend that registers. With my party invitations done and managed online, I’ll be able to devote time to keep up the holiday tradition of popping some handwritten season’s greetings in the mail. Anyone else have a great online card service to share? –Sarah C.

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