a little history

Shelterrific, LLC began in March 2006 after founder Angela Matusik, frustrated by the economics of traditional print media, decided to take publishing matters into her own hands. After gathering a few like-minded and talented contributors – all of who worked together at Budget Living magazine – a home design blog was born.

Since then, they’ve written hundreds of posts, garnered thousands of comments, and attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors to the site, which is updated several times each weekday. Covering just about every subject that is related to our homes, including decorating, cooking, cleaning, crafting, organizing and more, Shelterrific hopes to point you to the best products, ideas and resources available.

Our favorite thing about keeping this blog is the community it’s formed. We love hearing from our readers, whether it’s in the form of a question, a tip or just a simple comment.

Here are a few things we are always looking for – feel free to send in suggestions!

• New websites with unique points of view and great advice

• Tried-and-true products that you’ll swear by

• Anything that makes cleaning and chores easier (or more fun)

• Recipes that never fail to please

• Craft ideas even the non-coordinated can do

• Shopping or decorating dilemmas we (and our readers) can help you solve

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