ready for the cookie exchange: our favorite cookie recipes ever

I like to wait until last week before Christmas to make cookies for the holidays. I have a few that I insist on making, like pizzelles, and always throw in a new recipe just for kicks. Here’s a round up of some of the ones that I use again and again.

Aunt Jean’s famous Pizzelle cookies
– time to dust off the waffle pan!

Wendy Gaynor’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe – still the best ever!

Oatmeal Maple Cream cookies — a new kind of sandwich via my neighbor Jane

Salty Sweet Peanut Butter Cookies — just typing their name makes me crave them

Gingerbread Men — a favorite of Santa’s, I hear

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Buckeyes
— my husband hails from Ohio, where these are a tradition

Chewy Amaretti Cookie Sandwiches

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everything we’ve ever written about thanksgiving


This is the week! The week where we celebrate our favorite culinary holiday, Thanksgiving. We love it so much we celebrate it twice! First, we go to a dear friend’s house on Thursday. This year our plan is to contribute a dessert and a salad. We know the host will have a pumpkin pie handy, so we’re adding a something non traditional to the mix this year. I’m going to attempt to make Crack Pie, made famous by Momofuku Milk Bar. More soon on how that goes. Then, on Saturday we will have our own mini Thanksgiving, because we cannot survive a winter without turkey soup, and turkey soup cannot be made without roasted remains. Though we usually opt for a simple, dry brine, this year we’re going to do something new. We are going to spatchcock our turkey — which means to remove its backbone and splay it out flatly in the pan. We’ve had great success doing this with whole chickens, so I have confidence this will be great. It’s fast (45 minutes!) and the skin is super crispy.

Now you know our plans for this week, here’s a handy link list of learnings from year’s past. Good luck with your feasts this year. Tell us what you’re cooking up!

The most yummy Brussels sprouts, ever.

What we learned hosting Thanksgiving last year.

How do you cook your bird?

How do you take your cranberry sauce?

Leftover ideas: sweet potato pancakes

What to do with leftover pumpkin

Brendon’s pecan pie

Leftover love

Prize-winning pumpkin pie

Domino’s One Hour Thanksgiving

Bourbon sweet potato Bundt cake

Cider glazed sunchokes and carrots

Chilewich’s lovely chargers

Super smart apron

And, don’t forget to polish grandma’s silverware

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holiday gifts 2014: elevate the everyday with porcelain paper plates


There’s something so charming about ceramic and porcelain pieces that mimic the look of toss-away items. We love putting berries in ceramic “cardboard” containers or sipping hot coffee from the I Am Not A Paper Cup mug. Spotted at Provisions, Food52’s e-commerce shop that is brimming with foodie treasures, are these delicate serving fool-the-eye plates. Molded porcelain that looks like the most common of paper plates, they are both sturdy and beautiful. Made by SIN, a Brooklyn-based design company, they have received accolades from the design world, and will no doubt create pleasant sensations for dinner guests and gift recipients a like. $77 for an 8″ plate.

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holiday themed pillows: must have or too much?


The holiday themed catalogs have been steadily landing in our mailbox the past few weeks. This year, in addition to all the wreaths, doormats and mantle-gear, I am finding myself drawn to Christmasy throw pillows — especially the Nordic looking ones at Crate & Barrel. But how could I possibly rationalize buying a pillow that we will use for six weeks? Could I keep one that sported a polar bear on display through February? Tell me the truth people. Save me from myself.

Do you rotate your throw pillows with the season? Spill the decorating beans, please. No judgements!

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holiday door bling from jeweler jennifer meyer


When it comes to everyday jewelry, there is no one who creates more delicate perfect, school-drop-off to date-night-out treasures than jewelery designer Jennifer Meyer. Her dainty rings, sweet nameplate necklaces and nature inspired designs are always on the top of our wish lists. (Of course the fact that Hollywood’s chicest constantly don Meyer’s jewelery doesn’t hurt.) So it makes sense that the designer also has a great touch when it comes to another kind of adornment — our homes! This week, One King’s Lane is featuring a limited collection of holiday wreaths designed by Meyer. Simple, classic, with just the right amount of glam, they are just what the understated-yet-festive home needs for the season. Visit One King’s Lane before December 17th to place your order. Shown here, Fir Ever, $99.

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