i (anatomically) heart you

This Valentine’s Day, say it with science. Finding “the one” is a gift to be cherished, and what better way to express that than with a heart in its truest, most anatomically correct form?


Keep it real with some heart art like Hybrid-Home’s Dora Drimalas print, $40, a My Heart Is Yours poster, $24 from Velocity Art & Design, or the strangely appealing heart vase ($450 at Supermarket) by Esque Designs.

For the snugglebug, snag a plush heart for $9 from Etsy shop Batteries Not Included or a plush friend from the source for plush organs, I Heart Guts. (Neil Young fans: consider that heart of gold found.) Or satiate your favorite sweetie with a gummy heart from Fred Flare.


If cards are your thing, create some homemade love with this heart rubber stamp, $4.99, by Etsy seller BlossomStamps, or say it outright with letterhappy’s straightforward note, $2.

All these heart-y tributes may even score you some points for attention to detail and intelligent design. Nothing says love like a spot-on ventricle. — Sarah C.

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valentine’s day etsy find: custom heart tree pillow

The turnaround time is currently three weeks, but for something this cute, we think your Valentine would accept it belatedly. This custom heart tree print pillow by Etsy seller cozyblue is silkscreened and embroidered by hand with your choice of names or initials. What can we say but, “Awww.” $30 for the cover, add $12 for an insert, at cozyblue’s shop.

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real life test kitchen: blackeyed greens and eggs

After an evening of New Year’s Eve revelry, when I finally stumble out of bed, this is what I’ll be making: a hearty saute of blackeyed peas and mustard greens with a touch of ham and basted eggs. Top if off with a hearty dose of sriracha hot sauce (Bon Appetit’s ingredient of the year, incidentally) and it’s a surefire way to kick out that hangover and get the new decade started on the right foot. Seven ingredients, one skillet, and fifteen minutes is all it takes. Promise! –Megan B. Click for New Year’s yumminess. (more…)

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adventures with tom and jerry


After I posted a link to Saveur’s Tom and Jerry recipe, I couldn’t get it out of my head. It just seemed so elegant and warm for the holidays, especially as we were having Christmas breakfast with two friends, so I decided to give the recipe a whirl. I think the drinks turned out exactly right, but not without a lot of effort.

First, separating eggs: I don’t find this that difficult (I just do what my mom taught me, which is to plunk the yellow back and forth between the shell halves while the white drains into a bowl) but I did that classic thing where you accidentally drop the yellow into the white, and it breaks, and then you start over.

Second, reading comprehension: All my ingredients are measured out, add the two cups of rum to the batter….hmm, that’s not thickening as promised. Oh, you said two TABLESPOONS of rum? My mistake. Dump the batter, and start over with the egg separating thing… Read on, if you dare. (more…)

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