wish and gift list: sarah c

Wishing for:

Lutz & Patmos Honeycomb Pillow Cover, $44
It doesn’t get comfier. A thousand times yes!

Cuisinart 3-Cup Mini Food Processor, $39.95
My kitchen isn’t getting any bigger anytime soon. This would be a nice complement to the hand mixer, $49.95, that I would like to serve as a placeholder for the KitchenAid stand mixer of my big-kitchen dreams.

Tabletop Danish Terrarium, $179
We’ve fulfilled our fake-plant quota in the apartment. It’s time to spiff up that sill with the real deal.


Voluspa Seasons Candle Tin, $18
I am all about candles, but I don’t usually buy them for myself. I’d also love a whiff of Angela’s recommended fir candle this season!

Shopping for:

Miniature Book of Quotations, $9
Perfect for my sister, who is always writing quotes down to have at the ready.

One Line a Day, a five-year memory book, $16.99
Even if life is hectic, it’s still important to remember the worth in every day, even if only in a sentence. This would be great for my very busy best friends from college.

L’Occitane Hand Cream Medley, $45
Our apartment is far too dry, and my roommate loves scented products. We should probably get a humidifier for our chapped hands, but that won’t smell like African flowers!


Latte Bowls, $30 for six
So simple, but I love these. Available in so many sizes and colors in-store, they’d be the perfect thing to help a friend who has just moved add some color to the kitchen.

n-a-p Cuddle Blanket, $39.95
I lied above. There’s a tie for comfiest between what I think the pillows must feel like, and how soft I know the n-a-p blanket is. My mom would love this. I’m not letting her know about their Snuggie-esque version. — Sarah C.

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wish and gift list: sarah l

Wishing for:

“Silhouette: The Art of the Shadow” by Emma Rutherford and Lulu Guinness, $40.95


An EAPG cut bowl, $24.99 on eBay
My husband says he is not getting me a “used” bowl for Christmas, so my hopes will have to lie elsewhere.

Natural Red Striped Provence tablecloth, $64 from LinenMe


Finally, news that the rumored “Gilmore Girls” movie is a reality. (Sorry, but the series ender didn’t come close to doing it for me.)

Shopping for:


“The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman, $10.52, for my nephew

A Roku for my husband, $80
Hopefully he got me lots of books so I don’t have to sit through any Netflix instant viewings of Mad Max 1, 2, or 3. (Roku photo via Amazon.)


For my two-year-old nephew, pjs. But to ensure I’m not boring Aunt Sarah, he’s also getting a superhero cape I made with his initial on it, a “Peter Pan” Little Golden Book and a felt Peter Pan hat and sword, made by me as well with instructions from Make It and Love It.

And for my sister, the large round Tiffin Food Box, $39, and a One Story subscription. — Sarah L.

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post off: what’s your holiday greeting style?


When it comes to the holidays, I am all for the handwritten card. While traditional snail mail is always my preference, I’ve been receiving more and more family newsletters, photo postcards and even e-cards as season’s greetings. Peggy Post, great-granddaughter-in-law of courtesy queen Emily Post, addresses this trend and even approves these methods with some qualifications: Newsletters are to be kept concise and closed with a personal note, and e-mail greetings are to be directed only at those who communicate primarily online. Clearly, there are many creative and courteous ways to send seasonal well wishes, so tell me: what’s your style? — Sarah C.

Photo by Flickr member alternatekev

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wish and gift list: mary t

Wishing for:


Cloche Bell Jar, $20-50
It’s been a buckle-down kind of a year, and most of what I’m wishing for reflects that. But I’ll put this at the top of my list ’cause it’s pretty! (I have some goofy stuff around the house that I’d like to display this way.)

Jiffy Esteam Travel Steamer, $70
Because I really, really hate to iron.


Rain Barrel, $75-200
I would love a couple of these to take advantage of Seattle’s rainy season and to cut down on our watering bills come the rainless stretch of summer. Shown above: Great American Rain Barrel – Unpainted from Real Goods, $189 including shipping.


Voluspa Goji & Tarocco Orange Mini Diffuser, $25
Okay, so I do want one more pretty, smelly-good thing. I bought this exact diffuser for my sister and I really struggled not to keep it for myself. Smells amazing and looks amazing-er.

Shopping for:


Flight of the Conchords CD, $12, and DVD, $19
Right when my husband and I discover this show, they announce they’re not returning for a third season! I think he would appreciate any and all FOTC Merch.

A small Curly Lamp, $35, would also be right in line with his design aesthetic — and mine, of course. Very stylish, and surprisingly affordable!

Mobile from Leah’s Glass Creations, $25-75
I’m really taken with these mobiles from Portland artist Leah Pellegrini. The large glass mobiles are gorgeous, and the mini mobiles are tiny bits of happiness that would be lovely for a friend’s kitchen or office.


Woodworker’s Tool Set for the Very Young by Prettydreamer, $42
Handmade, simple, gorgeous, and sure to inspire the DIY side in certain friends’ new arrivals! — Mary T.

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real life test kitchen: healthy gingerbread truffles

Marissa of Pumpkin & Pomegranate is both a health nut (she can admit that) and a foodie. We’re thrilled to share this holiday recipe that she developed herself.

After changing my diet in order to get to a healthy size, I have battled with what to do over the holidays. Being a bit of a gourmet, I have always celebrated with food, and I see no reason why one must opt out when one has switched up their lifestyle. The only thing you really need to do is to doctor up favorite recipes or find new dishes to make part of your festive tradition. This year, the treats have been tempting me, so one night I decided to come up with something that would satisfy my desire for a holiday tidbit. These are spicy, chewy, and satisfying enough that a couple will do you. The only thing that isn’t healthy is the sugar in the chocolate, but I figure that since I used 88% dark chocolate, they are still healthier than a rum ball. Personally, I prefer them without the coating, but they are oh-so-pretty with their chocolate robes. — Marissa S. Click for Marissa’s Healthy Gingerbread Truffles! (more…)

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