post off: do you decorate outside?

On my street, Thanksgiving night marks open season for holiday décor. No sooner has the remaining turkey been placed in the Tupperware than the holiday lights start to switch on. Our friends to the right use the nets of lights, while we go for the traditional strings and the neighbors across the way fancy a single string of the big, retro colored bulbs. Soon, a light-up deer ends its winter migration on the lawn of our neighbors to the left, and the holidays have arrived. Clearly, decorating outdoors is the name of the game on our street, but other streets ring in the holidays in the dark, so tell me: Do you decorate outdoors? — Sarah C.

Photo by Flickr user jspad

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indie craft fairs for holiday giving


Last year we posted a list of holiday shows where you can support handmade and local while buying up some fabulous gifts for friends and family. This year, I’m going to let do the work for us! Head over to’s events calendar and you can see what’s coming up this week and next and, in fact, every week in crafting events throughout the year. As for me, I was at Seattle’s Urban Craft Uprising this past weekend (you might be able to spot me in the photo above) and chances are good that I’m heading to Portland’s Crafty Wonderland this weekend. My favorite thing I purchased at UCU was a sustainable pendant by Dinah Coops, who also carries some gorgeous linens and table mats in her shop. What about you — any indie goodness that you’ve picked up lately that you’d love to share? –Mary T.

Quicklink:’s events calendar of indie holiday craft fairs

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new candle addiction: linnea’s lights


For a while, I have to admit, I got really sick of scented candles; there seems to be an endless stream of cleverly designed, badly smelling soy candles. But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by both the packaging and scents of Linnea’s Lights. The hand-poured candles come in lovely recycled containers that hold a perfectly matched matchbox in their inner lid. After getting a whiff of their signature scents — my favorite is Fir, which smells like a Christmas tree farm after sudden downpour — you’ll want to strike one and light up immediately. With 60 hours of burn time, there’s no need to save it for a special occasion. I’d be thrilled to get one as a gift, which means I’ll be giving them myself! $26 each. — Angela M.

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holiday savings for shelterrific readers: free shipping worldwide from mirrormirror

Mirrormirror proprietor and occasional Shelterrific contributor Paola Thomas is sharing the holiday spirit: purchase any of the fine wares at mirrormirror, and you can get free shipping to anywhere in the world. Simply choose the “FREE shipping with offer code” option at checkout and write code word “terrific” in the “How did you hear about us?” field. Thank you, Paola and mirrormirror! And just a nudge: The last day for Christmas shipping from the UK to the US is December 10, so you better get shopping. (Let’s see, we’d like the Atelier LZC Garland, this plaited leather tote bag by Angel Jackson, the rose lucite bracelets, perhaps a ceramic mobile…)

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pull-on snowshorts: do these come in my size?

I stumbled upon these Pull-on SnowShorts via Incredible Things and immediately said to myself (out loud), “WOW!” As a kid, I always wanted sledding to be more fun than I found it to be — lugging a heavy sled up a hill for 10 minutes for 30 seconds of fun just never really did it for me. But imagine if you could take a seat and slide away any time a hill rolled on ahead of you? According to the Orvis site, they do in fact come in my size (there is one large size that fits adults with hip measurements up to 42″), but they’re not currently available. You can buy the smallest size (kids up to the age of 6) for $35. I wish I had a youngster on my holiday gift list. — Erica P.

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