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mail order delight: this charming candy


You’d think an adult wouldn’t be so excited over lollipops as a birthday gift, but that was definitely not the case when my husband received salted caramel lollipops made by This Charming Candy. The lollipops are handmade by two friends in Seattle and Sunnyvale, CA, respectively. The small batches mean they’re super-fresh, and the pure creativity means they’re exceedingly delicious — and I am not usually a huge fan of hard candy. Choose from flavors like tangerine-clove, pomegranate, even a Twilight-inspired selection. (I’ll allow it…I guess.) Most are $18 for for 12 lollipops. Remember, they’re handmade in small batches, so order early if you want to get some for the holidays. — Mary T.

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just in time for new moon: just bitten cupcakes


There are those of you who will think less of me for this confession, I’m sure. Those of you who are judgmental and naive to the appeal will roll your eyes and suck your teeth. I’m not afraid. Go ahead, look down your noses at me if you must, but I am obsessed with the Twilight series. I attended a Twilight viewing party with my fellow Twi-hards to prepare for today’s New Moon premiere (Squeal!) and I brought these delicious, cherry-filled cupcakes with me! The recipe is after the jump. (Just for the record, I’m Team Edward.) — Katie D. Click for vampire cupcakes! (more…)

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have you ever baked in paper pans?


It’s that time of year when I start planning my holiday gifts. I often bake goodies to give away instead of buying presents. When I give a decadent batch of brownies or a tasty almond cake, I always deal with the issue of how to package the present. I’ve learned to buy discount serving pieces at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx to give as part of the gift, but sometimes that takes a little bit too much planning. I saw these paper pans at King Arthur Flour and I think I might give them a try. It will certainly give my treats a professional look, but can you really bake in paper?! Has anyone used a paper pan before? — Erica P.

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real life test kitchen: easy pumpkin pie pancakes


All the pumpkin bread recipes I’ve tried over the years turned out moist but too dense. When I found a recipe for pumpkin pie pancakes in a magazine last year, I decided to give it a try. Of course, I discovered after I started that I didn’t have all the ingredients, so I used pancake mix instead. The result is a pancake that’s quick, moist, fragrant, and best of all, unbelievably light. So light, in fact, that after the flip I usually press down gently on the pancake with the spatula to flatten them a little. The recipe can easily be halved — all my impromptu recipes have a way of expanding on me. It’s a great way to use up some leftover pumpkin. And more good news? The leftovers reheat wonderfully! — Sarah L. Click for the easy pumpkin pie pancakes recipe! (more…)

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