30 days of halloween: creepy baby arm soap

Is there anything more creepy than a box of old, beaten up, forgotten dolls you discover at a yard sale? Only perhaps, dismembered dolls, whose heads and limbs have gone astray. Perhaps they have wondered over to your house and ended up in your soap dish? That’s what’s your guests might think when they spot these chubby nubs in your bathroom. Real soap made from vegan glycerin, these baby doll arms will sud up your hands and send a chill down your spine. Baby powder scented, of course. Set of two is $6 at

30 days of halloween: jack the ripper bathroom mist

Hosting a Halloween party? Why not give your guests something to snicker about after they slip away to the water closet? Jack the Ripper Lavatory Mist will keep your ladies-and-gents rooms smelling refreshingly clean. Despite the yellowed label, the content is really a delightful concoction of sage and green apple. One bottle will give keep visitors smiling for about 500 applications of two sprays each. No blood curdling screams necessary. $12 at (Three other tongue-in-cheek flavors also available.)

30 days of halloween: terra cotta skull candle holder

We know that Day of the Dead, like Halloween, only comes once a year. But this flowery terracotta skull candle holder from West Elm really speaks to the Frida Kahlo in us. Yes, it’s great to use as a centerpiece this time of year, but we can imagine bringing it out for Cinco de Mayo or any other Mexican-themed feast. Best of all, it’s on sale: Now $18 marked down from $35 at

30 days of halloween: zombie doorstopper stops us in our tracks

Walking around the neighborhood yesterday, we noticed more than one “living dead” skeleton trying to escape from front yard gardens. What fun! But what would your guests think if they spotted this grizzly little guy peeking out from your door? Made from a urethane resin, this crawling zombie may have been squished by your door, but he’s not going down yet. Seems worth $20 for a good fright, don’t you think? Spotted at the (which we are totally addicted to, btw).

30 days of halloween: bloody knife spatula and more

Nothing’s more fun than licking the spatula after whipping up a batch of brownie batter, but even the most sugar-addicted tongue will think twice before taking a swipe of this collection from Spatulart. We especially like the bloody knife one, which looks like something you’d find in Dexter’s kitchen. All them come with handy square corners that help you get the good stuff out of any tight spaces and wipe the bowl clean (except for trace DNA, of course). Click here to find out where you can buy one near you.