blogwatch: crafty thanksgiving links


We decided to check out some of our favorite crafty blogs to see what kinds of useful things they might have to help us with the holidays. Love Made Visible immediately sent us over to Esty to seet Port2port Press’ holiday cards (love the white-on-white “snow” card). While we were there, we looked in to see what My Imaginary Boyfriend may be selling, and found this cute deer heart tote bag which could be great for a gift idea. But what about Thanksgiving? How ’bout crocheting a turkey? The pattern is only $4, and comes with pumpkin pie (pattern that is). This hand-printed wild turkey towel is just one of several made by Lisa Price, and it’s so charming. In Cut and Keep’s project list we found this mulled wine recipe which could raise your guests’ spirits next Thursday. And here’s a tip for when you’re cooking: Brownie Points suggested using chop sticks as cooling racks (above). Love that! Take that Real Simple!

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nuts about birch: high and low picks

(great for holidays ’06)


We have mixed feelings when something we lust for becomes trendy. A little annoyed, cause now the special thing we thought was our quirk (like owls) is suddenly everywhere, but also happy, ’cause now we can afford that which we only drooled over before. Case in point: These Lekker Home Birch lamps have made the rounds in design mags. They’re just gorgeous, made of printed silk. They’re also $425. And sold out. Exhibit B: Crate & Barrel is just one of the mass retailers selling birch-like goods for the holidays. We are digging these pillar candles, wrapped in birch. Sure, they won’t last as long, but they’re ony $12-22, and will scratch our itch. Then, we can spend more time finding the perfect birch log to make a lamp like this one from Anthropologie.. heh heh. Revenge is sweet!

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find of the day: zoo bee mini mugs


Last winter we picked up the cutest little mug on Canal street, a small orange one with a bunny on it. I have been back since in seplace of more to complete the set with no luck, then eureka! Spotted these zoo bee mini mugs the other day at Anthropolgie. I love that the little rabbit comes with some colorful friends. Granted, the price ($40) is about twice as much as we paid on the street, the set is still a score. Buy one and divide up between four friends! The Zoo Bee Crew! — Angela M.

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on the shelves at target: toord boontje

(for Holidays ’06)


Have you heard who about the latest designer to join those producing low-priced chicness at Target? None other than the design world’s darling, Tord Boontje. The same one whose cooper garland sells at Moss for $5400 or whose glassware is on backorder at unicahome ($72 for four). So whether you’re a fan of his work, or just looking for something hip and modern to get your home in the holiday mood, this is good news! The whole line is not all available just yet, but you can click here to see what’s there now. You’ll find the frosted hurricane candleholder, $15, as well as the acrylic metal candelabra, $30. The rest (including serving platters, bowls, paper napkins and garlands) will be coming soon! Keep checking back.


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oh deer! dressing up the thanksgiving table

(Great for Holidays ’06)


Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just two weeks away? Crazy, huh? I’m already dreaming of stuffing and pumpkin pie. We’re gonna cook up some Real Life Test Kitchens this weekend to help you plan your big dinner, too. One thing that caught my eye in the ole in-box: This gorgeous tablesetting from Horchow. We don’t really have the right dining room table to support these beauties right now (it’s in our country house dreams), but it would be a great investment. It’s their Woodland dinnerware, and features a turkey platter, rabbit salt & pepper shakers and assorted dinner plates (it’s the deer I love!). They’re pricey ($90 for four plates), but right now Horchow is having a big, storewide sale. Click here get 20% off of orders $175 or more from the entire site till November 13th. Enter SHOPNOW at checkout. More T-day info coming soon! — Angela M.

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