25 days of gift giving: don’t forget the soma water filter

It was just about a year ago that we first fell in love with the Soma water filter via their Kickstarter campaign. This holiday season the gorgeously designed filtration system is the darling of Christmas Gift guides, popping up everywhere from foodie magazines to T Magazine. Now you can buy Soma for $49 from Birchbox, who reminds us to use filtered water for our ice cubes, too. For that price you get the pitcher and one filter, which needs to be replaced every two months (replacements are $13 each). Sign your gift recipient up for a subscription service, and they will arrive in the mail just in time to change them.

25 days of gift ideas: jonathan adler’s one-day, two-for-one candle sale!


Some things are always smart gifts — like bars of fine milled soap, hand printed tea towels, or lovely scented candles in re-usable votive holders. Jonathan Adler helps you cross that item off your list today by having a one day only, two-for-one sale on his super adorable Pop Candles. They come in a rainbow of colors (though none of them are radiant orchid, sadly) and a variety of scents. Our favorites are earl grey and grapefruit. We’re going to nab a half a dozen and give to co-workers, teachers and neighborhood hostesses that are on our list! Click here to buy today and use the code GIVEGETPOP.

the ultimate artificial tree: a fabric one from ikea

There are many reasons why having a real tree can be inconvenient: The needles get stuck on your shag rug, your toddler likes to yank on the branches, it makes your cat barf — whatever your reason may be for skipping this holiday tradition, don’t worry, we won’t judge you. In fact, we found one at Ikea that may be the best artificial tree ever. It doesn’t take up much room, and when the season is done you can fold it into large envelope. The Liamaria Wall Hanging is a holiday tree on the spot, a two-dimensional wonder you that will make any space festive. We think it’d be a dandy cubical decoration for the office, or perhaps a movable divider in your tiny studio apartment. Oh, did we mention it GLOWS? Oh yeah, now all you need is a yule log dvd for your fireplace and you’re ready for some serious yuletide cheer. $13 at for a 59″ x 82″ curtain.

25 days of gift ideas: a bottle for the host (and something to put in it)

When you show up at that holiday party next weekend, don’t just bring a bottle of libations to spread good cheer, bring a display-worthy bottle to put it in. We love this one from West Elm, which is cheeky and has a Boardwalk Empire kind of vibe. We recommend arriving with that in one hand, and a bottle of Apple Jack in the other–though it works great for homemade microbrews, too!

25 days of gift ideas: a chic jar for your honey (+ how to adopt a hive)

As you know, we are honey enthusiasts here at Shelterrific. Even though our own adventures in bee keeping have ended in disappointment this year, that is not going to stop us from supporting the beekeeping community. We love seeking out small-label honey, and have gathered a collection of from our travels. (The most recent? Honey from the Grand Wailea in Maui!) How to serve and present this sweet golden syrup is always a dilemma. Jars get sticky fast, and it’s always a challenge to get the last bits out of the bottom. That is why we are swooning over this Hive Honey Jar from Biodidactic via Etsy. The jar is beautifully hand crafted to allow for maximum dipping, and the dipper is made from Maplewood. It’s a splurge at $98, but something to treasure. Make the gift even more meaningful — adopt a honey bee hive and gift it to your loved one! One of our favorite upstate bee emporium’s, Bee & Hive in Rhinebeck, is offering “hive adoptions” on its website, Bare Honey. Currently taking orders for the 2014 season, this is a great program for anyone who wants to learn about honey farming, but can’t have a hive of their own. You’ll learn about the hive, have the opportunity to visit, and get a few jars of honey to savor and share each year. $95 at