ebay find: amelia earhart luggage

If you’ve seen the new movie Amelia, you know that Amelia Earhart was much more than an aviator and an inspiration to millions. In her far-too-brief 39 years, she authored two books, was an associate editor at Cosmopolitan, became a visiting faculty member at Purdue University (where she planned to return after her ’round-the-world flight) and was actively involved in the manufacture and promotion of several products that bore her name. My favorite? Amelia Earhart luggage, which Earhart insisted be up to the demands of air travel. Perhaps that’s one reason you still find great travel cases, trunks, and suitcases on eBay, like a demure set of three or this bright green, ribbon-trimmed assortment. (We found the vintage ad on eBay, too.) Me? I’ve been stubbornly holding out hopes for years that I’ll find one while antiquing. It’s part of the adventure. — Sarah L.

post off: how do you carve your pumpkin?

How do you carve your pumpkins for Halloween? From simple and scary to elaborate and goofy, there seem to be as many different answers as there are Nightmare on Elm Street sequels. I walk (or zombie shuffle, if you will) the traditional path of a carved, scary jack-o-lantern face. My new husband, on the other hand, spends hours delicately removing the outermost layers of pumpkin skin to create an intricate spooky, glowing graveyard scene (and yet, somehow, we make it work). So how about it, Ghouls and Goblins: is it an art form in your house? Do you attempt portraits ? Any disastrous experiments that we should know about? –Katie D.

Photo via ExtremePumpkins.com

paris vacation rentals that look the part


If you’re visiting Paris, why not go all out and indulge in your fantasy of living in a fabulously chic apartment right on the Seine, a whitewashed attic nook just steps from the Bon Marche, even an opulent mansion near Hotel des Invalides? Yes, I’m already dreaming — a friend recently stayed in this apartment found through Vingt Paris, and all I can say is, je l’aime. I mean, look at that place! Can you really do better at a hotel? Short- and long-term rentals are available at the Vingt Paris site, where I suspect the photos will wow you as they did me. And if you really fall in love with Paris, they sell apartments, too. –Mary T.

spooky decor contest: vote for your favorite!

The fiendish minds here at Shelterrific Laboratories have chosen the finalists in the Target Halloween Spooky Decor Contest — now you get to vote for the winner. Check out the finalists, then choose your favorite below.

Cheri’s Eek! Entryway:

Karla’s Bat Magic:

Tracy’s House of Horrors:


Voting will close on Sunday, October 25.

spooky road trip tips from drive i-95


A weird yet fond memory from my childhood is the occasional after-dark drives we would take down nearby Sleepy Hollow Road. The name was close enough to “Spooky Hollow” for us, it was wooded and winding, and we loved nothing more than to imagine all the creepy things out just beyond the glow of the headlights — while we were safely in the car, of course. If that sounds appealing, the folks at Drive I-95 have cooked up a whole triptik of spooky stops in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Connecticut, and Maryland. These require getting out of the car, but if you’re traveling in the area and like a good scare, this could be lots of fun. The trip starts at PA Exit 22 for the haunted house at the Eastern State Penitentiary and ends up at MD Exit 85 – Aberdeen for a little something called “Don’t Expect to Enjoy This.” I couldn’t find the list on the Drive I-95 site, so it’s excerpted after the jump. –Mary T. Click for more scares. (Warning: most of the sites load with sound.) (more…)