post off: what’s your ideal vacation?

Yes, that’s the actual view from the villa where we spent on our honeymoon in St. Lucia. A private pool over looking the Caribbean Ocean. Weather temperate enough to let in the ocean breezes day and night. A view of the island’s Petit Piton mountain just to the left of this photo’s vantage point. A hammock for relaxing. Great — now I’m dying to go back! My ideal vacations are those where you do nothing but enjoy — sunning, swimming, drinking tropical cocktails, and reading crappy novels. And I am way overdue for one like that. What’s yours? –Mary T.

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traveling and coming home: two from the new york times

I confess I was sent a link to the New York Times photo feature Why We Travel — that’s a friend of ours in the above photo, and we know the photographer, too. But I found the whole slideshow to be so inspiring now that spring is here and traveling is on the brain again. (Check out Photo 5 — now I want to go to Iceland.) Another article that caught my eye in the Times this week was this feature on people who have such seller’s remorse about their former homes that they end up buying them back — sometimes years after the fact. A fascinating look at how strong our attachments can be to the places we call home. –Mary T.

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meet fave designer angela adams at dwr


We’re huge fans of Angela Adams here at Sheterrific. She is a designer driven by nature (and perhaps, groovy vintage shirts like the one she’s wearing above). This is especially evident in her couture rugs which pay tribute to the beauty of her hometown of Portland, ME. The latest in this series is her Sea Fantasy Ocean design, now available through DWR. To honor their partnership, the design-store chain is hosting a series of events with Adams, where you can get a behind-the-scenes peek at her creations. Even if one of her luxe floor coverings is beyond your budget, getting the scoop on her life and way of working is sure to provide inspiration to any want-to-be entrepreneurs. Here’s the schedule for those lucky to be nearby:

April 3 — San Francisco
April 4 — Santa Monica
April 5 — Pasadena
April 17 — NYC
April 30 — Seattle
May 16 — Las Vegas
June 11 — Chicago

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traveling green(er) with terrapass


Though I moved 2300 miles away last year, I still work remotely for the same company. That means up to six plane trips per year for work and at least one additional trip for pleasure. I’m a reluctant member of the jet set! At least Terrapass makes me feel better about all that jet fuel. For about $18, I purchased enough “carbon offsets” — a contribution to clean energy reseplace and related projects — to “balance out” my last trip (and I was able to automatically add it to my itinerary through Expedia). Terrapass also sent me a rubber (recycled, I hope!) luggage tag to promote the cause to my fellow travelers. I just discovered that Terrapass links to green products, too — I especially like the recycled-plastic hammock. If I’ll ever be home to lie in it. –Mary T.

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etsy find: customized vintage suitcases


Brand-new Etsy sellers finalapproach take vintage suitcases and reinvent them with with paint, collage, and decoupage.

Take this clever creation, dubbed “The Longest Road Trip” by the crafty Tennessee couple: Who doesn’t remember those interminable, sticky summer driving trips with mom and dad singing along to AM radio and all the kids piled up in the back of the family station wagon? (Even if you never actually took such a trip, they’ve sort of become part of our collective consciousness, haven’t they?)

The customized hard-shell suitcase, which measures 23 by 17 inches, is $40 while it lasts. –Leah H.

See more of Leah’s great finds on her blog, More Ways to Waste Time.

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