help! how would you cook purple artichokes?

I keep seeing these gorgeous purple baby artichokes at my local fruit and veggie market. I am enamored by them, but I have no idea how to cook or serve. I’ve done some seplaceing, and most of what I have found is how to use them as decoration. They make lovely tabletop pieces, as seen here in this Food Network story about Thanksgiving ideas or this suggestion from CasaSugar on alternative wedding bouquets.

Surely they must be more than a pretty face? Any suggestions on how to cook? Do you just steam them like regular ‘chokes and take tiny bites? Sounds unsatisfying… Help!

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kinda genius: universal wrapping paper

Confession time: I’m terrible at wrapping presents. I always have the best intentions. I walk by Paper Source’s windows and think, “Ohhh, that’s what I want to be!” I want to be one of those people with a gift wrapping station complete with a dozen different colors of washi tape and tinsel bows. I want to present my wedding shower gift and have everyone coo over the homemade tissue paper violets perched beside the bow. But, let’s cut the crap, I never am. I don’t have the time, money, or energy to make paper turkeys to decorate Thanksgiving cards. I always end up wrapping birthday presents in leftover Christmas paper. My cringe-worthy, rock bottom moment came when I presented a baby shower gift in a slightly used Halloween trick-or-treat bag.

There is hope for me yet! A light on the end of the horizon has appeared in Wordless Design’s universal wrapping paper. The paper allows you to choose your own celebration by circling the appropriate sentiment. Not only is the paper universally usable (cutting down on having to stock rolls and rolls of specific birthday, mother’s day, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Festivus, etc. paper), but it’s also sharp, clean, and minimalistically appealing. Five sheets of this rad wrapping is about 15€.

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forget hotels. now i’m treehouse dreaming

The thing about vacations is that as soon as one finishes, the next one starts blooming in your fantasies. As you know, lately I’ve been daydreaming about all the houses we can rent while traveling. That was until I came across Treehouse Point, a collection of Treehouses outside of Seattle available for overnight stays, weddings, events — even business meetings! I am sure a lot of creative thinking could be done up high with the birds — think of all the Hunger Game role playing you could act out up there. But a destination wedding would be really dreamy (leave the Tarzan jokes behind, please). If your night up in the canopy leaves you really inspired, you could take a treehouse building workshop. In three to five days, you’ll learn everything you need to “get off the ground on the right foot.”

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wedding diy: scratch off save the dates

Yesterday among the bills and the Chinese food fliers, I received a little neon pink envelope in the mail. It was a save the date for a summer wedding (which is pretty much the golden ticket of postage items). Besides being adorable, it was also an ingenious little save the date! It was a scratch off ticket, mailed with a nickel, that revealed the wedding date as you scratched. After a little reseplace, I found a great, simple how-to for the invites from (who else?) Martha Stewart. –Katie D.

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steal this idea: plantable wedding favors

wedding favors

I’m fresh off a family wedding in Cape Cod and while there’s a lot I’d love to share (and probably will!) today I have to mention the favors. As their parting gift to guests, the bride and groom gave these adorable note cards complete with honey sticks and a heart-shaped swath of wildflower seed paper from Botanical PaperWorks. I‘m thrilled! We’re all familiar with the debate about the value of wedding favors – some appreciate them while others could go without another thing to throw away – and I thought these were a delightful middle ground. Simple and thoughtful, they have a longer shelf life than food, and give guests the gift of beautiful flowers that will undoubtedly remind us all of the happy occasion. What do you think readers? Care to share some of the best favors you’ve received? – Sarah C.

For more unique favor ideas, see what Angela gave at her wedding and loved from a friend’s.

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