coming soon: gift registries at the moma store

finally! a registry!

Back in April Erica P. asked what types of gifts she should (or shouldn’t) register for for her upcoming wedding. In addition to great advice, a few of you suggested making use of’s universal wish list button and Tula of Whorange linked to her incredible roundup of unique stores that offer wedding registries. Here’s one more to add to that list: according to this tidbit on Glamour’s wedding blog, the MoMA Store will begin offering a gift registry option on July 13th! Great news, considering our love of everything they make. Have you ever given something from the MoMA Store to rave reviews? Tell us about it in comments! –Sarah C.

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post off: what are your favorite bridal shower traditions?


Last weekend I attended a beautiful bridal shower for a childhood friend. Held at the home of one of the bridesmaids, the event was highlighted by a few personal touches that I really enjoyed. First, each guest brought a recipe (baked oatmeal from me!) that we wrote on printed cards that accompanied our invitations, as well as an assigned spice to round out the bride’s spice rack. We each also created scrapbook pages that were then compiled into a lookbook detailing the bride’s “single years”, and between each gift, the bride answered questions about her relationship and we compared her responses to those of the groom, who had been asked separately. A mix of common traditions and new twists, it was a wonderful few hours spent celebrating the bride-to-be. With many friends who have recently become engaged, I’m just starting my run of the wedding gauntlet and am looking for some inspiration, so tell me: what are your favorite bridal shower traditions? — Sarah C.

Pictured above: the wedding dress cookie favors made by the bride’s sister. Gorgeous!

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wedding registry idea: something old instead of new



When one my sister was getting married, she didn’t register for any new china. What she did include on the bottom of her store registry lists was tips on where to find the vintage Red Wing china she collected. While eBay or might not be everyone’s idea of wedding shopping, enough of us did like the idea that my sister and brother-in-law ended up with a whole set of Bob White, including this completely wacky but irresistible hors d’oeuvres holder that invites you to pierce the poor bird all over with food-laden toothpicks. (One guess who had to buy them that.) Looking for other ideas? You could also “register” to round out a set of vintage glassware or silverware passed down from a grandparent. With all the online resources, it’s a practical and fun way to expand your idea of wedding registries and show your guests a more personal side. — Sarah L.

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it’s wedding season! here are two sites worth visiting


A reader sent in a super-enthused letter about the wedding site Once Wed. Jess writes:

I’m completely giddy! Used wedding dresses! More genuine DIY ideas than “The Knot” and no need to register your email address and find yourself bombarded with body image assumptions and $10,000 options!”

Thanks for the suggestion, Jess. Once Wed looks just gorgeous at a glance! Check it out here.

While we’re on the subject, Offbeat Bride is another site that has fantastic ideas for all manner of non-traditional brides — or anyone getting married who just doesn’t want to spend their retirement on one party. For instance, you can learn neat tricks like how to DIY decorations. We’re always happy to get suggestions on more great sites to see!

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planning a wedding: fun with the registry

I know there are way more important things to focus on when you’re engaged than a registry, but man, is this fun. Contributing to this blog for the last four years means I already have a great long list of things I think are super cool. To start my registry, I’m just gonna seplace all my past posts and see which items are still making me swoon. That said, I’d love some suggestions on what types of things I should register for. Is there something you wished you had registered for that you didn’t think of at the time? Did you end up with stuff you completely regret asking for? I’m also going to pick a charity that guests can donate to in lieu of purchasing a gift and I’d love some suggestions. Share your favorite charity in the comments and help me decide! — Erica P.

Image via Going Bridal (and yes, it’s a joke).

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