look! our wedding tablecloths became a fab quilt

(Thanks to my extremely talented and productive sister-in-law, Cassie.)



You may recall that I had a bit of a hard time deciding on a fabric for our wedding tablecloths. After much debate (and help from you!) I settled on orange, red, brown and cream Denyse Schmidt’s Geranium plaid. It was a quilting fabric, an artform I truly admire and don’t understand at all!

When our wedding was over, Chad’s sister Cassie quietly snatched up all the table squares and said only she wanted to make something with them. I’ve seen her quilting handiwork before and secretly hoped that was what she was up to and — oh joy! — it was! Visiting for Thanksgiving last week, we were delighted and surprised to find a big square box under the tree for us. Though she intended it as Christmas gift, she furiously worked to speed up the project so we could take it home with us after T-Day. And, after the first-snow fall at our river cottage this weekend — I can say it wasn’t a moment too soon! The pattern and the colors are just perfect — she found some matching fabrics and actually worked to repeat the plaid on larger scale. On the other side is a warm and fuzzy orange layer — so snuggly. I can’t tell you how much we love and appreciate it. If you’re inspired to try such a project yourself — here are a few sites that Cassie recommends (and may the quilting force be with you!) — Angela M.

Sites that offer instructions for this block style quilt:
About.com’s easy baby quilt
Straw.com’s blue jeans quilt
scrapquilts.com quilt block pattern
easyt-shirtquilt.com’s memory quilt

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one-of-a-kind gift idea: custom wood carving


One of the sweetest details from our wedding came when Chad surprised me with a handmade wood carving of the two of us, our own unique wedding topper. The inspiration was an homage to my grandfather, who was an avid woodcarver; our homes are sprinkled with little figurines of his. This adorable carving from Brian Sims in Kentucky, who does commission based work. Chad had sent him a photo of us, simple instructions (“make it look like grandpa carved it on the porch”) and the two of them communicated via email during the carving process. I’m convinced he can carve anything. Wouldn’t a hand carved ornament be the star of a tree? Click through to the next page, and get in touch with Brain via his site
Hip Shot Wood— it’s not too late to get one started for the holidays! — Angela M. (more…)

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a few more wedding pix

Not to overrun the site with too much wedding stuff, but hey, you asked for it (well, some of you did), here are a few more images from our big event.


After all the great advice you gave on how to decorate the barn we decided to listen to a few (thanks Reading Glasses, Ellobie, Allyson, DJ and more) who suggested we keep it simple. All we added were galvanized buckets of sunflowers (the buckets were from Ikea), strings of mini lanterns from Pearl River (we actually got cloth ones, not paper, so they’ll last longer) and votive candles (we placed them in mason jars around the barn). The chairs, if you’re wondering, were outside for the ceremony when this shot was taken.


Just to give you a sense of location, we rented a beautiful farmhouse, which came with the small barn. The ceremony was performed outside, just as sunset was beginning.

The party ended in the wee-hours of the morning, by a roaring bonfire and under a star-filled sky. We had marshmallows ready for roasting, but everyone was too stuffed on BBQ and pies (no cake!) to even think about it.

Thanks again for helping me plan everything and all your well wishes. It truly was a magical weekend. — Angela M.

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on the table: flowers, fabric and more


A few more details from the wedding, that could be of use — whether you’re getting married or just wanting to add some color to your dining table.

For the flowers, we gathered local zinnias and sunflowers from a cutting garden (VERY affordable!), put them in mason jars and then had them placed inside of birch tubes from Small Stump. I got the idea a few weeks ago from oh joy, and loved them. The next day we divided them up around a few friends — they’ll make beautiful containers all year long.

I finished them off with an orange ribbon that matched the Denise Schmidt fabric squares we placed on top of each table. You may remember there was a big a debate about what table linens to use. I ended up opting for simple cream cloths, and then I made squares for each one of this Geranium plaid. My very crafty sister-in-law (can’t believe I have one of those now!) scooped up all the fabric afterwards. I can’t wait to see what she makes with it!

Finally, we used little wooden birdhouses from Michaels as the table numbers. We painted them white and then stenciled on the numbers. Honestly, our wedding was so small (40 people) we didn’t really need to worry about numbering the tables and having seating cards. People mostly found their spots (and shakers!) without any guidance.

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our wedding favors? vintage salt & pepper shakers!


Well, we’re still coming down from the high of our wonderful, fun, friend and love-filled weekend. I can’t believe it’s all over! I did cry — and not just once — but I certainly wasn’t the only one with a wet eye.

Here’s a quick post on one idea that I’m particularly proud of that you’re welcome to steal: We gave each guest a unique set of vintage salt -n- pepper shakers. I started off buying a few in some local thrift stores, but then lucked out when I spotted a whole lot of them on eBay. I was able to buy 30 from one seller and it ended up being really economical. The fun part was matching the set to the guest, and having them waiting at each table when dinner began. Shown here is a pair of kissing Indians that Chad & I set aside for ourselves, and two musical pigs for our friend Adam Snyder, who along with another talented friend, Anthony Cochran, blew everyone away with the beautiful songs they sang for us. Definitely check out eBay if you ever want to try this idea for yourself! — Angela M.

(More wedding details coming soon… No, I’m not blogging from the honeymoon — that’s a couple weeks away!)

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