blogwatch: margaritas and juleps


Man-oh-man there’s a lot going on this weekend. Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby, the De La Hoya vs Mayweather fight! We’re not sure what we’re gonna do, though a night in with HBO may win. Here are a few links to help you stir up some fun of your own.

Martha Stewart is offering up her favorite margaritas on her site, which includes this basil watermelon one. It sounds yummy, but it’s a bit early for watermelons in our hood. We’d rather go with the ginger mint one in her May issue: You crush ginger, mint, tequila, Grand Marnier and lime juice in glass with a wooden spoon. Add ice, and then pour in ginger beer.

Every party needs some chips and dip Here’s an ethnic twist on a classic quac recipe. At, there’s an Indian flavored guacamole: avacados with white onions, garlic, lime, salt and then some cumin and curry powder dashed in. Serve with naan bread.

If you’re thinking of having a Derby party, consider this recipe from Sprig, the new eco site from the MSN-Newsweek group. Chicken wings and hot chili corn pudding bread. If you serve that at your house, we guarantee your guests will show up with bells on.

For drinks, a classic julep is always lovely, but why not mix it up and try this gin version that we found on Variety’s Stylephile blog. Or, here’s something even more tempting: At Serious Eats, we found a post about a Bourbon Ball Milkshake. Just the other day, our friend Anthony was telling us about the wonders of Bourbon Balls, a Southern Xmas treat. But this frosty version sounds perfect for right now! You game?

(P.S. Our money’s on De La Hoya!)

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have you tried blossoming flower teas?


I finally watched Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette over the weekend. It wasn’t nearly as bad as people had said it was. It fact I was completely entertained by the satiny, lacey, poufy and excessive lives of the young queen and her cohorts. (I think it’s because I saw Grindhouse during the day and needed a girly anecdote to Tarantino’s machismo.) At one point near the end of the film, Marie’s brother comes to visit her from Austria, and she pours him a cup of flowering jasmine tea — “a gift from the emperor” she says. It was so beautiful, I’m dying to find some myself. I tracked down these two at Tea Palace in London but would rather not pay such steep shipping costs. Do you know a U.S. store where you can buy such magical brews? What does lotus flower tea taste like, anyhow? Wouldn’t this be a great way to make an impression for a special guest! Let them drink tea! — Angela M.

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angela adams mug on 30 rock


Speaking of coffee mugs, we were tickled to see a post on Angela Adam’s blog saying that her adorable Munjoy Morning coffee mugs were featured on the set of 30 Rock. We admit that we missed this lovely bit of product placement when we watched the show last week (too distracted by Alec Baldwin’s hairline, no doubt) but now this gives us even another reason to be glad this gem has been renewed for another season. You can start your day just like Tina Fey, by picking one up here at Angela’s site, $39 for two mugs and a 1lb of coffee.

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goods to be green: couture cup holders


We try to use our own, refillable coffee-to-go cups whenever we can, but admit that sometimes when we need a caffeine fix (usually around 4pm) we catch ourselves mugless. Leave it to someone in Seattle (birthplace to the country’s biggest producer of hot beverage waste) to invent The Cupcoat, high fashion thermal sleeves for paper cups. Cupcoats are reusable and tuck easily into a purse or pocket; they fit most 12, 16, and 20oz disposable paper cups, will fit into vehicle cup holders. We especially love the new spring patterns, with Pucci-esque swirls that will compliment our new mini-dresses to a tee. $12 each at

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blogwatch: superbowl party help


Perhaps it was the excitement of Top Design’s debut, or maybe we were too busy making Valentine’s plans, but we almost forgot about Superbowl Sunday until we received a email from a reader Nicole offering up this link to a colorful football cake. Here’s what she said: “I simply use a boxed cake mix (and a 9×13 pan), and replace the sideline Hershey/Reeses sideline names with the team names. It is always a HUGE hit at parties, and it is so much fun to decorate.” Thanks, Nicole!

This gentle reminder got us surfing around in seplace of more Superbowl tips. For other non-sportsfans like us, here are the basics: The Chicago Bears are playing the Indianapolis Colts on CBS at 6:45 ET this Sunday. We’ll probably tune in around 8:30 pm in hopes of catching the halftime show with Prince! Gizmodo’s Last Minute HD Supergowl Party Guide will cover your tech questions. Though we tend to agree with entertaining guru Colin Cowie, who insists that it’s the food, not the game that matters (and it’s our hunch that Colin has never watched a sports event in his life). Martha Stewart offers up a Chili Bowl buffet menu, but it you want to serve that, you better get busy! We noticed that she recommends making the Chili two to three days in advance. We say, skip the chili and go right for the cake! Over at Cakehead blog, we found this lovely collection of Superbowl cakes, and at Flickr we found a local bakery that delivers. Got any Superbowl party tips? Share here!

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