adventures with tom and jerry


After I posted a link to Saveur’s Tom and Jerry recipe, I couldn’t get it out of my head. It just seemed so elegant and warm for the holidays, especially as we were having Christmas breakfast with two friends, so I decided to give the recipe a whirl. I think the drinks turned out exactly right, but not without a lot of effort.

First, separating eggs: I don’t find this that difficult (I just do what my mom taught me, which is to plunk the yellow back and forth between the shell halves while the white drains into a bowl) but I did that classic thing where you accidentally drop the yellow into the white, and it breaks, and then you start over.

Second, reading comprehension: All my ingredients are measured out, add the two cups of rum to the batter….hmm, that’s not thickening as promised. Oh, you said two TABLESPOONS of rum? My mistake. Dump the batter, and start over with the egg separating thing… Read on, if you dare. (more…)

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want it now: on the rocks ice cube tray


Just in time for the holiday party season comes the witty On the Rocks ice cube tray. I spotted them at Perpetual Kid, where they’re currently out of stock, but you can also find them at The tray comes with several different colored swizzle sticks to ensure that you and your fellow revelers will be able to tell whose drink is whose (without those silly glass charms). — Katie D.

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in love with the coco mini bar


I don’t have much space for a bar in my apartment, so I went with this tray setup. Then I saw this awesome hanging bar and began to dream of a bar makeover. Just today I spotted the Coco Mini Bar and I’m officially in full-on jealousy mode. Leonhard Pfeifer brings us great design (and an even better tagline—”a mini bar so delicious you’ll want to have it home for a drink”) with his Mini.BarBoudoir series. I’m particularly smitten with the Coco Mini Bar design which uses classic Chanel nail varnish as the hand-painted finishing touch. According to Design Milk, the colors Pfeifer uses are Chanel No. 159 Fire Red, the classic movie star shade, and No. 18 Rouge Noir (worn by Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction). The bar is part of a collection of eight limited edition pieces. — Erica P.

Photo via Design Milk

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teabag mug: the cup with a sense of humor


I couldn’t help but chuckle at the design of these Teabag Mugs from Bailey Doesn’t Bark. Check out the Bailey Doesn’t Bark Blog for a sneak peek at the process of making these unique cups. While $36 seemed like a lot to pay for a mug, once I saw how much work goes into making each one, it didn’t seem like too much. I think a set of two would make a great housewarming gift. — Erica P.

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pretty paper wine bottle bags


We got an email the other day from the creative mind (and fingers) behind the Daisy Janie blog pointing out this easy tutorial for a paper wine gift bag. For those of you that are handy with a grommet press and have access to some colorful prints and ribbons, this how-to could be the answer to your upcoming holiday needs. It’ll turn a simple bottle of Yellow Tail into something to treasure.

Click here for the full tutorial.

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